Britney, Marketing, and Restaurants

Poor Britney. No boyfriend. Can't sing. Loses restaurant.

Britney Ditches Her Restaurant

Britney Spears is going through another break-up. The on-hiatus pop goddess has "severed all ties" with Nyla, the ill-fated New York eatery she opened with much fanfare five months ago. A statement from Spears' publicist said that the singer did not receive "any money or other benefit" from the restaurant, and that she had never been involved in the details of its operations. "It's not easy to deal with a powerful celebrity such as Britney," Nyla owner Morris Moinian told the New York Post. "We all decided she should stay out."

Still has the hottest bod though.


by Steve Hall    Dec- 1-02    

Now Here's an Ad Campaign!

Near-Naked Women Won't Be Drafted in Colombian War

Busty, bikini-clad models won't be air-dropped into Colombia's combat zones, after all.

The war-torn Andean nation's first female defense minister, Marta Lucia Ramirez, canceled the army's campaign to seduce Marxist rebel defectors with pictures of near-naked women.

In the thousands of pocket-sized portraits already printed, and waiting to be air-dropped over battlefields, the voluptuous vixens were presented as a perk for desertion.

"Desert! And obtain benefits," read one pamphlet, depicting a brunette stretching provocatively in a striped bikini.


by Steve Hall    Dec- 1-02    

Gobble Gobble Turkey Terror

'Turkey Terror' Ad by Animal Rights Group

The new television campaign, scheduled to run through the holiday season, depicts a terrorist takeover of a supermarket. The store manager is shown bound and gagged, with shoppers cowering, as an unseen hostage taker warns that "innocent creatures" will be beaten, scalded and dismembered if anyone resists.

The commercial eventually reveals the "terrorist" to be a turkey puppet with a demand that people stop eating meat.

Anyone gonna stop eating turkey because of this?

by Steve Hall    Dec- 1-02    

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