Britney Spears Hits Cover of Rolling Stones

"Please Mister Airbrusher, It HurtsWhen You Bend My Back That Way"

Now we have to hear about that Kiss all over again. The latest issue of Rolling Stone features Britney Spears on the cover in fully air-brushed form and in what has to be a wig. Who really cares though. She's hot and that's all that seems to matter these days.

Nice ass. Nice boobs. Cute face. Sure, we'll put you on the cover of our magazine. No problem. Got a new album? Oh, that's good too. In the article Britney reacts to those who think she's going down Christina's road saying, "I'm not gonna come out on this record and show my crotch or anything. That's not me. I would never do anything like that. It's all in the way you do stuff, all in the way you carry things. The music is most important to me."

Recently, she headlined the NFL Kick Off Show singing one of the songs from her new album. Fans were less than thrilled. Again, who cares. Nice ass. Nice boobs. Cute face.

by Steve Hall    Sep-11-03    

Gawker to Launch Gawker LA

According to the last paragraph of a Women's Wear Daily article about Gawker Editor Elizabeth Spiers who "appears to have turned her ability to spout bitchy, witty takedowns of trucker hats and Soho House into a plum job", publisher Nick Denton has plans to launch a Los Angeles version of Gawker. Spiers, who launched Gawker with Denton late last year, has taken a gig at New York magazine cowriting the Intelligencer column.

Spiers says she will continue to write for Gawker but Denton has placed Choire Sicha in place as new editor for the time being. Sicha was originally slated to edit Denton's yet-to-be launched porn weblog, Fleshbot.

So Elizabeth's off on a potentially succesful jouranlism carreer. Usually that's all good. But when people make it, someone always has to shit all over them. Depressing

by Steve Hall    Sep-11-03    

blackSpot Sneaker Takes on Nike in New Viral Ad Campaign

Rethink The Cool

Social activist, Adbusters, has launched a viral campaign to introduce a new sneaker called blackSpot and to "uncool" Nike in the process.

With the tagline, "Rethink the Cool", Adbusters plans to use billboards , TV ads and a viral blackSpot campaign calling for millions of black spot stickers to be placed all over the country.

Adbusters has even put out a "marketing plan" and sales projections comparing blackSpot to Reebok, Adidas, Nike and New Balance over the next three years. According to their website, they already have 499 pre-orders for the shoes. This just stinks of a joke but if it is real and it works, it will be quite cool.

by Steve Hall    Sep-11-03    

Please, Read Our Newspaper!

Not Now Honey, I'm Readingthe Paper

This week from Amy Corr's MediaPost Out to Launch column, The Orange County Register is begging and pleading with 25-35 year old to read its newspaper. In the face of declining readership, particularly among younger people, newspapers are facing an uphill battle. This campaign hopes to illustrate to this group the benefits of taking a few minutes out of their crazy schedule to enjoy the newspaper.

Other new campaigns this week include a spot for FedEx that broke during Monday Night Football, Justin Timberlake's McDonald's spot, a Freedom campaign from the Advertising Council, an Amica salesman who meets a drifting castaway in the middle of the ocean to sell him insurance, another insurance campaign from Wausau, and Kraft and Nabisco get together with a 'Win a Sports Star' promotion.

by Steve Hall    Sep-11-03    

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Yuppies Give Way to Tireds

I Need A Break

The 'Tired' is the new Yuppie. Tired stands for Thirtysomething Independent Radical Educated Drop-out. Aside from being a mouthful, the term attempts to describe a segment that is bored with modern life and thinks marketing is a bunch of crap.

The term comes from London public relations firm The Fish Can Sing. Managing Partner Howard Beale says tireds seek to a life with less demand and deeper reward with a certain avoidance of mainstream commercialism. In short, they have pulled the plug and "turned off" the daily marketing scream.

While this has been researched as a phenomenon in India and South Asia, its relevance to America can been seen as well. Many thirtysomethings just don't want to have anything to do with the marketing blather that accost them on a daily basis.

by Steve Hall    Sep-11-03    


by Steve Hall    Sep-11-03    

Apple Launches New Campaign for iPod

10,000 Songs

Accoring to Mac News Network, Apple has launched a billboard campaign for the updated iPod. Billboards have been spotted in San Francisco along 101 South and 101 North.

by Steve Hall    Sep-11-03    

New Budweiser Spot Shows "Big" Woman Taking Top Off

Beer Babe?

With a twist on the original beer babe beer commercial concept, DDB Chicago has created a new Budweiser commercial that still features a woman in a bikini yet she's far from a babe.

Part of the "True" campaign, the spot shows two guys on an American beach trolling for babes wishing they were on a topless beach in Europe. Cut to Europe and we see a very big woman taking her top off as two other guys look on. Following that is the subtitle, "You know in America they make women wear tops. It's the law."

Ha, ha. Really funny. So PC. So retro. So cool. Like we really want to see that. That's the kind of spot you see once and then cringe when you see it again. Every one will talk about it and no one will remember it was for Budweiser. Click the image to view the spot but you will need RealOne for it to work. I know, it's a pain.

by Steve Hall    Sep-11-03