Quickbrew Offers 'Write Your Own' Gossip Magazine

If you can't get enough gossip or don't like what you read in the rags then Quickbrew is for you. With Quickbrew's Dirt Magazine, you can choose from a menu of "dirt" to dish up your own personalized rendition of BenLo-like article.

Not surprisingly, this comes from Britain where viral advertising is an art form. The company behind this is Tetly Tea.

by Steve Hall    Oct- 6-03    

Seven Possible Reasons Why Fall Television Sucks

Aaron Baily of 601am puts forth seven reasons why TV sucks this season.

by Steve Hall    Oct- 6-03    

Black Oil Oozes in New BMW Commercial

Ooze For Cruise

Three car ads are mentioned in this weeks Ad Age TV Spots of the Week. The best of the three comes from Arnold Worldwide for BMW's new 5 series sedan. In the spot, a mysterious black fluid oozes across the landscape ultimate rising up T2 style into the new vehicle. The execution is enticing as well as riveting and a refreshing departure from the typical "car on a winding road"

Other spots this week include a humorous spot from Midas playing on the phrase "I brake for..."; a boring car commercial for Pontiac Grand Prix GTP Comp G; an ad for the new Dyson vacuum that claims it is the only vacuum that doesn't lose suction (Not true. Check out Rainbow). The vacuum was also rated poorly by Consumer Reports. There is a commercial for Domain furniture featuring the kind of woman you just want to reach out and stangle after listening to her pontificate about life's "important" issues; an ad featuring Jeter and Steinbrenner for Visa; a surgeon looses his cell phone phone for Keno and Salma Kayek stuffs her face for Coke.

by Steve Hall    Oct- 6-03    

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