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Mandy Moore to Increase Male Readership of Women's Magazines

Much to the distress of men across the globe, Mandy Moore says she will never pose for men's magazines such as Maxim of FHM. However, Moore is happy to pose for women's magazine much to the glee of publishers who are greatly in need of increasing their circulations to justify their overpriced ad pages to advertisers.

Readership of men and newstand sales to men of the latest issue of Cosmopolitan featuring Moore on the cover is sure to have skyrocketed. If women's magazine are the only place guys will get to see more Moore, publishers are in for a big shift in the male/female ratio of their audience.

Strange statement by Moore, though, considering this picture has the Maxim logo on it.

by Steve Hall    Jan- 8-04    

'The Simple Life' Airs Reunion Show

After creeping Altus residents out with there celebu-antics, Paris Hilton and Nicole Ritchie are headed back to Arkansas for "The Simple Life Reunion." The town hall meeting style show, airing January 13 on FOX, will be hosted by Leeza Gibbons and a crowd of 300 (basically, the entire town) will get to pummel the two with questions.

by Steve Hall    Jan- 8-04    

Monster and Yahoo Launch New Campaigns

Amy Corr, in her weekly Mediapost Out to Launch column reviews new campaign from Yahoo Personals which uses members in the campaign and Monster which is celebrating its 10-year anniversary. Also reviewed are campaign from Travelocity, Outback Steakhouse, Grey Goose and a political campaign for presidential candidate Dennis Kucinich. As to the latter, he needs campaign. Has anyone heard of him?

by Steve Hall    Jan- 8-04    

Tony Pierce Reviews Premiere Episode of MTV's 'Real World'

Wondering what life was like before MTV and claiming to be old enough to know, Tony Pierce gives his rendition of a review for MTV's "Real World San Diego." There's talk of hot chics loving big dumb guys, the "ginormously fake tittied 22 year old bartop dancer, Robin, Brad "telling his new roommates that he has an eight inch penis," Jaime "a hot little Korean girl" and Cameran's "sweet ass high in the air in her tight jeans."

That's all I need to watch this show again after having given up on it for years.

by Steve Hall    Jan- 8-04    

Thongs and Playboy Baby T's Gen Y's Answer to Expressing Sexuality

While some might think it horrifying to see a 12 or thirteen year old girl wearing a thong or other tantalizing clothing, it is a trend reaching its peak with Tweens and Gen Y. Alison Pollet and Page Hurwitz of The Nation write about this proliferation of sexuality into ever-younger age groups. The biggest concern is whether it's just an innocent expression of budding sexuality or a spiral downward into an abyss of a culture gone mad with sex.

Marketers, ever the ones to latch onto a trend, have not let this one slip past. Everything from Hot Topic, a sexy teen apparel store to "Thirteen," a movie about the hypersexualized teen-girl consumer marketplace to music videos bordering on porn center on the appeal of this adolescent fascination with sexuality.

The debate rages on whether this is a good thing or a dance with the devil. It may all be moot because as soon as a trend is a trend, those living the trend will cast it off faster than the duration of a teenage boy's first sexual encounter. And the fact that Oprah had mom's get stripper makeovers on her show this past November would be enough to make any daughter rebel and return to Victorian era, full body coverage.

by Steve Hall    Jan- 8-04    

U.K Based Mother Ad Agency Wins McDonald's Chipotle Creative Work

Mother, a very well known and successful U.K. based ad agency opened a New York office a short time ago and has landed creative work for McDonald's Chipotle, a "fast-casual" Mexican restaurant chain. Madison Avenue insiders wonder whether or not Mother's decidedly cheeky tone will work here is the States. I'd venture to say that American advertising is due for a swift kick in the ass and Mother seems quite capable of delivering.

by Steve Hall    Jan- 8-04    

Donald Trump's 'The Apprentice' Launches Tonight

Don't Miss the "big, tacky, horror-haired but reassuring 80's daddy icon" (as described by Choire Sicha of Gawker), Donald Trump on tonight's launch of "The
." In the show, "16 candidates from all walks of life, including both Ivy League MBA graduates and street entrepreneurs with no college education, will endure rigorous selection as they are tested for their intelligence, chutzpah and street-smarts." The show airs tinight at 8:30 PM on NBC. Reality Blurred gives the lowdown.

by Steve Hall    Jan- 8-04    

Men 18-34 Move Away From Television to the Internet

New research confirms the belief that the large shift of men 18-34 from television to the Internet is true. BIGresearch's latest Simultaneous Media Usage Survey of 13,000 men confirmed Nielsen's claim that the drop in television rating was due to shift in media usage from television to the Internet and other electronic media.

The survey found from August 2002 to October 2003, television viewership dropped 8.8 percent for men 18-24 and 12.2 percent for men 25-34. During the same period of time, BIGresearch found Internet usage among men 18-34 shot up about 7 percent and video game usage rose 5 percent.

It's time for network executives to stop squabbling and realize their long cherished model is changing. Television won't die but it will become something vastly different from what it is today. Execs can either roll with the changes and survive or continue to be stubborn and end up strolling the sidewalks with "Hire me" sandwich boards.

by Steve Hall    Jan- 8-04    

Billboard Says Big Tips Can be Had at Hooters

Dribbleglass has added to it's collection of "Billboards We'd Like to See." This billboard spoof for Hooters alludes to the real reason the restaurant chain is so popular and why it took the gamble and launched an airline.

by Steve Hall    Jan- 8-04    

Satellite Radio Grows, Howard Stern Will Help

Recently released figures from Siruis Satellite Radio and XM Satellite show subscriptions reached 1.6 million in 2003. XM, which launched earlier than Sirius, has 1.36 million subscribers. Sirius has 261,000. In the fourth quarter alone, XM added 430,000.

With radio having been free since its inception, it will take a while for consumers to realize the benefits (vastly improved sound quality, national coverage for every station and minimal commercials) of satellite radio and pony up the ten to twelve dollar per month subscription fee. Perhaps the single biggest boost, though, to satellite radio will be when, in two years, Howard Stern's contract ends and he leaves broadcast radio.

On his show today, he railed against station manager Tom Chiusano and the FCC for their continued censorship that sometimes, he claims, is quite illogical. Today, during a Benji bit that used the word Bukkake, much of the bit was bleeped which made the punch line of bit incoherent and un-funny. And the supposedly offending word, Bukkake, wasn't even what was bleeped.

If Stern moves from broadcast to satellite radio, that is when satellite will see an enormous jump in subscribers and broadcast will begin to feel serious competition from and financial loss to satellite radio.

by Steve Hall    Jan- 8-04    

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