What An Ad Agency Website Would Say If The Truth Got Out

You've visited agency websites before. They're usually well designed and pretty and have lots of fancy sounding words to describe what they do. Here's an agency that just tells it like it is:

We do stuff.: "huh? is an enclave of new-age e-movers. We use catchy names for our job titles, like Vision Guidance Leader instead of Project Manager. Cool names make us sound smarter and more clever.

Our CEO is rarely in his office, and all female team members are expected to sleep with him, or at least pretend like they want to. Our designers ride Razor scooters around the office instead of walking, while wearing mail-bag style backpacks to hold their iPods.

We have lots of shiny espresso machines, and all of our new-age e-movers (that's our cool way to say 'employees,' remember?) drive to work in VW Beetles. Appearance is everything to us, because we'll get more of your money by looking cool than we will by doing quality work.

If you call our office, the phone will be answered by a very disinterested intern, giving you the impression that we're too important to talk to you. Because we are.

Refreshing, huh?

by Steve Hall    Feb-27-04    

Howard Stern's Clear Channel Ban to Boost Satellite Radio

I said it here and Jeff Jarvis says it here and Tony Pierce chimes in here. Howard Stern will catapult satellite radio to success and kill broadcast radio as we know it. Clear Channel, with their banning of Stern from their station this week is doing their part as well.

For an in depth take, with which I agree (mostly), read Jeff Jarvis' full post and I will add that since Janet Jackson's Super Boob event, the government has gone into freakish overdrive and over reaction in terms of censorship. As Jeff points out, you might not like Stern but once it happens to Stern, it can happen to anyone.

by Steve Hall    Feb-27-04    

Viral Video Scares Men Away From Marraige

In this ad for shoe retailer RunnersNeed which plays on the so called belief that it is OK for a woman to propose to a man on a leap day, a less than hottie is seen preparing dinner for her man. At the end of the spot, she opens the door to a the tagline, "Time to Start Running Lads."

by Steve Hall    Feb-27-04    

Hachette Strikes Deal With Mykindaplace.com for Cross Promotion

Hachette Filipacchi UK has signed a deal with mykindaplace.com to offer Hachette advertisers access to the teen site's audience. In turn, mykindplace will promote Hachette titles such as Sugar, TV Hits and ElleGirl.

by Steve Hall    Feb-27-04    

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