Jeff Jarvis: Adrants is About Sex

Esteemed President & Creative Director of Jeff Jarvis took a look at several of the items here on Adrants over the past few days and, while acknowledging the closely intertwined relationship between advertising and sex, pointed out the obsessive fixation Adrants has with sex. Jeff wrote:

Steve Hall's wonderful Adrants is supposed to be about advertising. But, like advertising itself, it's really about sex: National Orgasm Week, hot-chick hitchhikers in wet t-shirts, Victoria Secret's college hottie-wear, TV cameraman hires hooker in TV van, Molson's pick-up-chick advice, hot marketing director poses in Playboy to get free ink, Christina Aguilera makes shoes hot. Excuse me while I go take a cold shower.

Working in advertising and publishing a weblog about advertising - what could be better?

by Steve Hall    Jul-31-04   Click to Comment   

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