Advertising Big Shots Open NASDAQ For Advertising Week

Ken Kaess, President and Chief Executive Officer, DDB Worldwide Communications, Chairman, Advertising Week in New York City; and O.

Burtch Drake, President and CEO of the American Association of Advertising Agencies and President of Advertising Week in New York City will preside over The NASDAQ Market Open as part of the kick off ceremonies to Advertising Week New York 2004.

by Steve Hall    Sep-19-04    

Adrants Billboards: Britney Spears Gets Married

  • The B-52's cover of the Beatles' "Paperback Writer" is prominently featured in a new Buick LaCrosse commercial which aired during the Emmy Awards.
  • With Sex and the City and Friends gone, designers are scrambling for new television stars on which to feature their duds.
  • This years Miss America Pageant promises more skin while still claiming it's not about the body but the mind. Right.
  • Not exactly advertising news but since she does grace campaigns from time to time, we think it's OK to tell you Britney Spears got married again.
  • Philips kicks off a $97.5 million global ad campaign created by DDB Worldwide.
by Steve Hall    Sep-19-04    

Alan Cumming: Actor Cum Cumming Fragrance Spokesperson

In what will likely be the most brilliant or most disgusting play on a celebrity name for a brand launch cums...uh...comes a new fragrance from actor Alan Cumming called Cumming. While there''s sure to be a market for those who'd love to squirt this stuff all over their body, it's equally likely there will be as many who'd rather chew on used cat litter than get near the stuff. That said, the fragrance will be promoted with launch parties and through press in associations with Cumming's upcoming roles in the movies Mr. Ripley's Return, Son of the Mask and X-Men 3.

by Steve Hall    Sep-19-04    

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