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Bag Maker Creates Truly Unique Brand

EverQuest Design has taken a better path towards developing a unique brand for itself.

Fighting the sea of sameness, EverQuest creates briefcase bags made from original material used in the parachutes of Russian Soyez decent modules and materials used for the sails in the America's Cup Courageous. Adhering to Seth Godin's theory of innovation, EverQuest has developed a unique product line where not only is the product line uniquely different from other bag manufacturers, each EverQuest bag is distinct in design as it is crafted from a different piece of fabric.

Rather than attempting to make a standard bag and set it apart from others with a "unique" ad campaign, EverQuest has founded its business on being unique. It's mission statement reads, in part, "...to search for famous materials and relics and bring a piece of history to our customers in a product they can use everyday. We wanted to create products that were interesting and unique. We wanted to build a concept-product based on the story of an event rather than around the product itself."

Everquest may not be EastPac but it can certainly call its brand unique.

by Steve Hall    Nov-29-04    

BrandSuicide Offers Perfect T-Shirt For Pop-Up Designers

Adland points to BrandSuicide who has created the perfect Christmas (oops, we're not very good and being politically correct) Holiday t-shirt for designers stuck in the hellish world of designing pop ups for evil marketers. The t-shirt aptly reads, "pop-up designers = cocksuckers." If you know a suffering designer, be sure to put some cock in his sock this year.

Alternatively, if you'd like a less dirty but equally interesting advertising-related t-shirt, check out the "I'm being exploited by an ad agency" t-shirt from Urban Advertising.

by Steve Hall    Nov-28-04    

Heidi Klum Joins McDonald's As McHottie

Perhaps following the lead of its Japanese counterparts, McDonald's has signed a deal with supermodel Heidi Klum to be its new McHottie. Attempting to distance itself from the negative press generated from the film Supersize Me, McDonald's has decided to prove, once and for all, it can fool America into believing its food will make all Americans as hot as Klum.

Unfortunately, Klum knows otherwise and has already put a negative spin on junk food saying, "I like to be healthy and eat well, but I also like to have a good time and have an occasional glass of wine or French fries." We're sure McDonald's will shut her up immediately, filling her mouth with appropriate pro-junk food speak.

Klum is currently spokesmodel for Birkenstock shoes and for Target, who apparently, is now selling Marijuana and Crack.

by Steve Hall    Nov-28-04    

Direct Marketing Vs. Everything Else: The War Has Begun

Bob Bly, master of direct marketing has, after trashing them, launched a blog of his own. In his first post, he lays out his ten attributes of direct marketing, most focusing on direct marketer's desire to make the cash register ring with little to no patience for branding efforts.

The launch of Bob Bly's blog is welcome. Very welcome. Let the squishy brand believers duke it out with the diehard get-the-sale-no-matter-what direct marketer crowd. We need some healthy mudslinging.

by Steve Hall    Nov-23-04    

NetZero Launches Spoof of AOL 'Members' Ad

NetZero is running a television commercial that mirrors a currently running commercial from AOL. The AOL ad had members showing up at AOL's offices to offer suggestions on how to make the Internet better. The humor came from the exec asking the receptionist how many members had shown up, to which she replied, "All of them." Then the camera pans out the window to a sea of AOL members, surprising the exec. As Rick Bruner and The Media Drop point out the NetZero ad copies the AOL spot almost exactly - even down to the actors and the set. In the NetZero spot, members show up to say they are leaving AOL for NetZero. The exec asks, "how many," and the receptionist replies, "all of them," as in the AOL spot. Again, the camera pans out the window to the sea of people. This time, they are holding signs which say , "Bye," "See Ya," and "$9.95."

It's both a smart and questionable strategy. Leveraging AOL's much larger media budget, NetZero hopes to broaden awareness of its own campaign by association. But, many viewers may simply confuse the two spots not realizing who the advertiser is or simply remember AOL because it is more ubiquitous. It's very funny though, but the proof will be in the number of $9.95 sign ups NetZero gets.

The original AOL spot can be viewed here. Once we locate the NetZero spot, we'll post a link.

UPDATE: We contacted NetZero and they were gracious enough to share their spots. You can view them here.

by Steve Hall    Nov-23-04    

New York Real Estate Brokers Get Fat Heads

While not new, there seems to be a rash of high profile real estate agents who've left the impression of discretion behind and are now marketing themselves like celebrities. From the legendary Barbara Corcoran to The Apprentice contestant Jennifer Crisafulli, who was fired from her real job at Douglas Elliman for in show comments about "two old fat Jewish ladies," The Observer's Gabriel Sherman takes a deep look inside this expanding trend of personal branding.

by Steve Hall    Nov-23-04    

McDonald's CEO Steps Down

McDonald's President and CEO Charlie Bell has resigned due to a continuing bought with cancer. When Bell was named CEO in April, following the death of Jim Cantalupo, Bell, soon after, had surgery for cancer. VP Jim Skinner has been named new CEO and McDonald's USA CEO Mike Roberts has been named President and COO of the global business.

by Steve Hall    Nov-23-04    

Reebok Launches 'Rbk Streets'

LA based agency Zugara has launched another engaging website for its client Reebok. The site, Rbk Streets, is a virtual cityscape where you can visit the Recording Studio and submit a demo to 50 Cent who will review it and choose a winner, visit the 40/40 Club and spin a scratch challenge, visit The Crib and view musicians rap about Rbk shoes, pit Allen Iverson and Steve Francis against each other on The Court, check out House of Rbk for the shoe collections and visit the Barbershop to get the 411 on the whole block.

All of the areas in the cityscape let you earn Street Creds which count towards prizes. Dope.

by Steve Hall    Nov-22-04    

Borders Marketers Avoid Loser Label, Launch Viral Ad

It's as if a company's marketing department has a big L stamped on its forehead if it doesn't have some sort of viral ad thingy going on.

Borders Books' marketers decided not to be branded losers so they've gone all hip and launched a viral ditty, called GiftMixer 3000, that provides shoppers gift suggestions based on the settings of five equalization sliders. John Keehler points to this viral of the minute where shoppers can move the sliders from one to ten for these categories: Romantic, Adventurous, Brainy, Imaginative and Funny. Once a setting is made, a drugged up, wise-ass, Hal 9000-like voice gives a running commentary on the selection.

Whether it sells books, we don't know but it did keep us amused for a while.

by Steve Hall    Nov-22-04    

Gandolfini Gives Kobold Watch The Finger

Earlier, we reported The Sopranos star James Gandolfini lending his image to the Kobold watch company website to promote its new Soarway Diver SEAL diving watch. Now the company has extended the campaign to print, again, using Gandolfini's likeness, albeit with an interesting use of Gandolfini's hand to represent the company's spot as number one in...well, that really isn't clear. The ad will appear in The Economist. Larger image here if above link dies.

by Steve Hall    Nov-22-04    

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