Report: Starcom Predicts Future of Consumer Contact

In a new report called NEXT, Starcom Mediavest has put forth 11 prognostications regarding the future of consumer contact. In the report, Starcom highlights the following:

  • Clients will produce more customized TV creative specifically for the broadband space.
  • Blogs will become more mainstream and citizen-generated.
  • Agencies will push programming development.
  • The number of networks that target Hispanics on digital cable will grow five-fold over the next 10 years.
  • Gaming will move into "connected space" and make digitally distributed gaming content more mainstream.
  • The next hot category will be shopping magazines-for women, men, the home and babies.
  • Advertising overload threatens radio
  • Mobile marketing will push to create a dialogue with self-selected hand raisers, as opposed to recreating online ad serving models.
Here is a PDF overview of the findings.

by Steve Hall    Mar-15-05   Click to Comment   

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