Diago Promotes Smirnoff ICE With Quirky Russian Characters


Yesterday, Diageo announced the launch of a new ad campaign for Smirnoff ICE and Smirnoff Twisted V, starring a guy named Uri and his friend Gorb, both of whom have horrible imitation Russian accents. The snore-inducing press release claims the two "use their street smarts and unique cultural perspective to cut through the clutter encountered in daily life." Oddly, the campaign itself is not all that snore-inducing. See the commercials after the jump.

"Uri" is the first national advertising campaign created by BBH London for Smirnoff ICE. The executions will include broadcast, out-of-home and radio, with each thematic also incorporating a social responsibility-specific ad. Three Smirnoff ICE broadcast executions will begin airing on national network programs including 24, Alias, Survivor: Palau and The Late Show with David Letterman, beginning April 25 and running through September. A fourth execution, titled Battle, will debut later this summer and will highlight Smirnoff Twisted V. Out-of-home advertisements featuring Smirnoff Twisted V will begin appearing in June.

The launch ad, 'Garden,' introduces our hero Uri and the unique world he lives. As he takes us on a tour of his home, Uri shares with the audience the things that matter to him in his life: his soccer team ("they suck"), his wing man and best friend Gorb, as well as his pride and joy, his refrigerator. The three ads can be views here, here and here. Oh, and of course, the campaign has a blog attached to it.

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Commercial is good for Smirnoff...but why are the guys "Typical" of what we know men to be, but the women are all "HOT"....let's be equal here...hot women, hot men....beer belly men....well, you get the idea.

Posted by: carie on August 8, 2006 11:52 PM

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