Interactive Broadcast Grows, Metrics Still Lag

Focusing on how marketers can capitalize on the increased adoption of broadband, LearningCraft Founder and Author Rob Graham led a panel which included Kraft's Carol Walker, Broadband Enterprise CEO Matt Wasserlauf and Klipmart CEO Chris Young. Much of the discussion focused on the repurposing of video for the web. Kraft's Walker cited several case studies, one of which was a campaign to promote recipes via online instructional videos which, successfully, garnered 400,000 views.

As with an earlier session dealing with marketers functioning as web broadcasters, this session was not able to answer the question of metrics. Currently, there appear to be no reliable and accurate sources to gauge the success of these broadband online efforts as effectively as marketers would like. All panelists promise it is a top priority.

by Steve Hall    Apr-26-05   Click to Comment   
Topic: Trends and Culture   

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