WDFM Marks Tenth Anniversary With Ten Internet Marketing Trends

Marking the 10th anniversary of publishing Web Digest For Marketers email newsletter, Founder Larry Chase releases his Top 10 Trends for the Next 10 Years in Internet Marketing.

"We've had a good hit rate when identifying the real shifts in Internet Marketing from those that are just hype, and there's been a lot of that as we all know" noted Chase. "Over these past 10 years, my editors and I use the 'gut check' method. Generally, the hot trends are simple to explain and understand. Furthermore, if we ourselves already use or plan on using the shifting technologies and methods as consumers and as Internet Marketing practitioners, it's a good bet our calls are on the money." Click more to see 6 of the Top 10 Trends Chase sees in Internet Marketing for the next 10 years

  • Pay-Per-Call Advertising: Why? Because the chances of closing a lead or prospect on the phone are many times higher than someone who simply clicks through to your website.
  • Pod Casting: Why? Because people like time-shifting. They do it now with TiVo’s, DVD’s and for the past 20+ years with VCR’s. They’re downloading MP3 audio segments into their MP3 players and iPods. People even download MP4 videos into their PlayStation Portables. This trend is not limited to music and the consumer space. Look for B2B content downloads to pick up momentum.
  • Reverb Marketing: Why? Consumers are experiencing media saturation. So they’re now consuming multiple channels simultaneously. Research already shows a large percentage of Internet users have TV playing in the background while on the Internet. They’re using TV like radio now. Tip: People are apt to miss the 800 # shown onscreen at the end of a TV spot because they’re only listening and not watching the tube. The media planners’ term “road blocking” will be redefined to mean hitting the target audience with two messages simultaneously using two different media channels.
  • Multimedia Blogs: Blogs are not only here to stay, they’re going multimedia. Audio and video blogs will be commonplace shortly.
  • Email Marketing Remains Essential: The spam problem will get solved. Why? Because it has to. Business and consumers alike now rely heavily on the email platform. Even if email postage is the solution, email marketing will still be faster and more cost-effective than most other competing channels.
  • Vertical Search Engines: No one wants to deal with "4 million relevant search results." Focused search tools will help users find what they’re looking for faster and command higher ad rates due to their specificity.

    All Top 10 Trends for the Next 10 Years of Internet Marketing can be viewed at Larry Chase’s Web Digest For Marketers home page.

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