NBA Player Uniforms Could Carry Advertising


Not that there'd ever be a semi-nude Paris Hilton Carl's Jr. ad affixed to their shirts but the NBA has not ruled out selling ad space on player's uniforms. NBA Commissioner David Stern says it's inevitable and Dallas Mavericks Owner Mark Cuban said if it was up to him, ads would already be on uniforms. Readers, is this a good thing or are we racing towards the day when holographic ads are projected in front of our faces 24/7?

by Steve Hall    May-27-05   Click to Comment   
Topic: Sponsorship   

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Oh, it's a bad thing: tacky as hell. I admire the work that goes into sports uniforms, and ads on uniforms are almost always ugly. I've seen tastefully tagged soccer uniforms, but NFL Europe is a good example of NASCAR-like cover-every-surface brand-ignorant excess.

Sad, too, because I would generally be behind anything that reduced interrupting ads (that stretch 90 minutes of football action to three and a half hours) in favor of persistent, quieter ads. The soccer I've seen on TV does an okay job of it: drop down a little logo for a while and don't break up the action. I won't click it off, and I won't hate the advertiser for something ridiculous and annoying.

Posted by: Dan on May 27, 2005 10:46 AM

The train has already stopped and the 1 million passengers have left the terminal. Ads WILL….let me repeat WILL ….be screen imprinted, whether on the actual tv itself or on anything that they can stamp live into your eyeballs. That includes everything you will be able to see without watching a single commercial.

The stands, shirts, body parts, the screen itself, the enclosed roof, the announcers clothing and instructions on how to segway into a product mention, all employees of any stadium or event, the field of play, in between the goal post live during a critical shot or a kick, the officials, the reporters ( who must wear ads to be allowed to cover the event).

All printed material given out at the event including ticket stubs, temporarily plastered light on the outside stadium as the fans enter…..great for nite time , different correspondents will have unique ads digitally super imposed on themselves depending unfortunately on their race or sex (Lisa Stark has a tampon ad, Lynn Swan a shoe ad etc.), the physical seats themselves as to be readily seen especially if vacant like a bench ad or at the WNBA games, the score board, the backboard, goal, net, tennis court, the imprinted floor in the stadium as fans walk around inside, moles who have been hired to make sure they get “seen” somehow anywhere at anytime….especially directly behind coaches etc during broadcasts.

Of course the benches on the floor tables which scroll during the game, the coaches and all team staff, the surrounding edges of a field of play…denoting out of bounds which everyone focuses on very carefully especially during a critical review, David Sterns ass, Mark Cubans financial ego which was acquired on a pathetic computer technology which has since become completely obsolete, all bathrooms with audio pumping in, information kiosk employees which suddenly will increase as more will walk around during the game, the wicket during cricket, the actual ball or object of play…easy for soccer, basketball, football, a bat or any tennis racket face.

All ice skaters and hockey floors, every blimp, interviews with excited fans who will unknowingly have a product super imposed on them…which by the way they already legally agreed to by entering the event, all concetions, funny location ad placements chosen by the athletes themselves such as a forehead, belly, back, crouch, legs, shoes, headband, etc. Any exposed sky especially during a long high sky shot like soccer, baseball, football…..items given away, all internet viewers around the world.....and of course the players uniforms.

Why the hell would some jackass type and make someone read all this bullshit? Read my answer very carefully. This was just the first of 10 pages of examples….I shall spare you of course. I am just ONE of the 1 million people who left the train station. PS….the train broke down and blew up after dropping us off.

Posted by: kab on May 27, 2005 3:26 PM

Ads on jersesys are really common in European Basketball. You can count almost (over?) 10 ads on Lithuanian champions' "Zalgiris" jerseys.

Oh yes we suffer so much from it but at least we are still alive.

Posted by: AV on May 28, 2005 4:37 AM

You can put logos on the jerseys, but I won't buy one like that.

I suppose many others still would. But would the threat of lost revenue from merchandising be worth the increase in revenue from ads?

Posted by: JODSTER on May 30, 2005 10:56 AM

Here you dont ger the ads on the merchandise - the jerseys are clean.

Posted by: AV on June 2, 2005 10:22 AM