Pope Boosts Beer Brand


Attending to very important things during his first 100 days in his new gig, Pope Benedict XVI, has, apparently given his approval, though while still Cardinal, of German brewer Stuttgart's beer. Pictures have emerged showing then-Cardinal Ratzinger enjoying Stuttgart beer. Now that he is Pope, sales have skyrocketed. In response to this, the brewery, last weekend, sent a truck, filled with 185 gallons of its beer, to the Pop in Rome.

by Steve Hall    May-12-05   Click to Comment   
Topic: Promotions   

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This is sick! What kind of message is this pope sending to the world? That it is ok to get drink and stuff? He is supposed to be a positive role model for EVERYONE! All I can say is I'm glad I am not Catholic and don't need a drunkard to be my connection to God! I can hear it now,

"you are saved my son, no, wait, no you're not, wait, wait, yes, you are, no you're not, yes you are, ha ha ha, gotcha. Damn this is some good shit cause I'm already drunk!" --Pope Beni

Posted by: trent bennett on May 16, 2005 3:39 PM

well i'm a catholic guy, and i'm upset too,i just don't understand how the pope is supporting this things,i'm not saying that alcohol is something wrong or a mortal sing,it becomes a sin when you get all fucked up and you star to say and do crap,you know what i mean? but what i don't like, is the fact that those guys from the beer company are getting rich because of the pope image,and i don't think they're gonna give their money to the needy and poor people of the world,so i'd like to be a priest someday,and i love my church,but even if the people who leads my church screw up on something, i will not judge them,because i'm following god not the men and women who are representing god, you know what i'm saying???so all you catholics haters stop judging,if you really believe in god, just do his will and be a man or woman of god,go help our brothers and sisters who need love and hope, instead of hate catholics or judging people, i think this is all i have to say for now,, god bless you all , laterz

Posted by: george on July 7, 2005 9:15 PM