Hilton Wants Ownership of Review Materials, Agencies Say 'Screw You'


Joe Jaffe, rightly, condemns the recent request by Hilton Hotels that agencies give up their rights to all material created for the hotel's $45 million agency review. Calling the request bullshit, Jaffe calls the requirement "highway robbery and the worst possible insult to every last bit of integrity left in the ad business to have ideas from losing contenders implemented down the line."

While many in the industry will do whatever it takes to win new business, Jaffe commends BBDO and Goody for refusing to comply with the ridiculous request and suggest the collective industry reply to a client request such is this should be a resounding "fuck you!"

by Steve Hall    Jun- 2-05   Click to Comment   
Topic: Agencies   

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These guys need to put down the middle finger and get with the online program....

-Traditional advertising agencies are in for a rude awakening as inernet marketing is starting to make them obsolete --

Posted by: Dave Lazar on June 2, 2005 1:28 PM

Damn right, i can't belive Hilton Hotels even had the nerve to make such a request. Big thumbs up to everyone involved that told/is telling Hilton Hotels to take a hike.

Posted by: Nathaniel on June 2, 2005 1:32 PM

Get even, steal even more soap.

Posted by: stan Becker on June 2, 2005 2:04 PM

Good idea. If they can take our ideas for free, why shouldn't I take their shower curtains and TVs? Or better yet, mini-bars.

Posted by: Bob on June 2, 2005 4:41 PM

Wow, is Hilton now the Wal-Mart of the hospitality business with all this vendor bullying?

On the other hand, you have to give Hilton props for asking; other companies just take the ideas anyway.

Posted by: Lesley on June 2, 2005 5:28 PM

Let me get this straight - we want a new agency becuase we are not happy or could maybe get a better deal, we invite you to spend lots of time and money to create ideas so we can be assured you are creative and "get" our business - and by the way - if we don't pick you becuase we like someone else better - we get to keep your ideas.

I would say - here is a list of my competitors - I am sure they would be happy to help you.

Posted by: Tim Kubista on June 2, 2005 7:22 PM

Say what you like but I still maintain young Paris could suck the hubcaps off a Chevy pickup at 30 paces.

Posted by: Mcthingy2 on June 2, 2005 7:24 PM

There still a last bit of integrity left? We've got to work to stamp that out.

Posted by: Dan G on June 2, 2005 8:52 PM

Sounds like another 'fishing' client.

This is a great sign from Goodby and BBDO. There needs to be a consensus and agreement between all agencies when it comes to ownership, fees, etc. Some clients need to be put in their right place and realize just how f'*cked they are without the right--properly compensated--help.

Posted by: Len on June 3, 2005 7:24 AM

Goodby and BBDO can afford to pull out of a $45mill account, but what about the smaller players. Unfortunatly, they might be 'forced' to agree to this BS for a shot of a nice account. An agency is eventually going to bite on something like this and then the slippery slope begins.

Posted by: Stu on June 6, 2005 9:02 PM