Levi's 'Monsters' Spotted in San Francisco


Adrants reader Nick Mathisen informs us Levi's has placed several "Denim Monsters," jeans placed in odd, artistic configurations, in Union Square in San Francisco. Not a bad way to sell jeans. See full images here and on Nick's blog.

Written by Steve Hall    Comments (1)     File: Outdoor     Jun-29-05  
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I'm the guy who did this "ad." Myself, Matthew Herip. and partner Greg Coffin concepted and constructed this creature. The wearer is on arm and leg stilts and has two mesh squares on the bottom that he can see through.

We concepted several other Levi's creatures all denim and all bizarre. One of the other suits would require three people to wear it.

We are very pleased with the buzz created and the huge amount of photos taken by onlookers while it crept around Union Square.

Feel free to contact us for more info, photos of the construction process, or job offers. : )

Posted by: Matthew Herip on July 12, 2005 06:40 PM

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