'Monopoly' Promoted With Country-Wide Game


DDB London and Tribal DDB have created a real-time live game for the launch of Monopoly's revamped anniversary edition, Monopoly Here and Now. People all over Britain will be able to compete against each other playing Monopoly live on a life-size playing board - the streets of London. The company hopes thousands from all over the country will play this life sized game of Monopoly, with London taxis as their playing pieces, controlled via GPS technology. The live game launched on June 20 and will run for one month.

To play the live game, players register at www.monopolylive.com, choose their piece, represented by a London taxi, and decide where to spend their 15 million capital. Each taxi is Monopoly-branded and fitted with a GPS transmitter, using security technology, so that its location is known at all times.

The taxi drives around London, picking up and dropping off passengers as normal, and the player pays out rent as their cab passes properties they don't own, and receives rent in turn when other cabs pass areas that they do. There are daily and weekly prizes to play for, and the grand prize is winning your mortgage or rent paid for a year.

by Steve Hall    Jun-22-05   Click to Comment   
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