Dove Gives Fat...Uh...Real Women Their Day


OK, OK, OK. We'll write about this. You've twisted our arm long enough. While we thought we were done with this, having written about it back in March 2005, the Dove fat girls are, again, all the rage. Having popped up on billboards all over the country, the public has voiced its opinion on the campaign by writing on the ads comments such as "I hate my agent," "Fat girls can be corporate schills too" and "I only suck form balls." We're not quite sure what the last comment has to do with the campaign but we're sure the author had something in mind.

Sharpie pen commentary aside, the campaign does make one wonder if we really want to see "real" women in their underwear or stay with the anorexic, cleavage-enhanced, Photoshopped, untouchable, pore-less, fantasy hotties that adorn most current advertising.

by Steve Hall    Jul-25-05   Click to Comment   
Topic: Campaigns   

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I only suck "FIRM balls"...Dove FIRMing. Duh.

Posted by: bruce on July 25, 2005 3:46 PM

Hm. Average size 8-10, "fat girls" not quite. Seriously, the average woman is a size 14. If it was "fat girl" campaign they'd have women sized 14-18. I love this campaign. I think it works. Your terminology, however, does not.

Posted by: syd on July 25, 2005 4:07 PM

I bet syd is a fat girl.

Posted by: syd is fat on July 25, 2005 4:42 PM

I agree that Syd is probably a fat girl. The reason most Americans are considered grossly overweight is because they keep relabeling things as average. Clearly they are not. Go to Europe and show me the average of a size 14. Just because your fat ass is too lazy to exercise doesn't mean you big butt is "average."

Posted by: Brent on July 25, 2005 4:54 PM

Yeah, I am a fat girl. My bmi is too high. I wear a size 14, as I said, if they wanted to do a fat girl campaign they'd use fat girls (like me) however, they used women who were a size 8 to 10, which is quite healthy and not at all fat. That is why I said the label was wrong for these women, who aren't fat, just not underweight as the average model is. I don't believe in promoting obesity. I'm not a fat advocate. I work out, try to eat right and focus on getting healthier. However there is another extreme and that is propagating that healthy sized women are fat.

Posted by: syd on July 25, 2005 5:05 PM

This model is more big-boned Amazon type. What this campaign needs is some real fattie trough-monsters: ladies with huge buts spilling over their cotton panties etc.

Posted by: Mcthingy2 on July 25, 2005 5:21 PM

Actually Steve,
That Sharpie stuff actually appears to be used in an online campaign for Sharpie.
Check it out:

Posted by: o p on July 25, 2005 6:18 PM

Actually Steve,
That Sharpie stuff actually appears to be used in an online campaign for Sharpie.
Check it out:

Posted by: o p on July 25, 2005 6:20 PM

....I spotted this "campaign" against the Dove campaign when I was in Toronto in March....

Posted by: Sean G on July 25, 2005 6:41 PM

The use of the term "real women" to describe only a subset of women continues to bemuse me. Even women who starve themselves until they're too thin to mestruate are still real women.

Posted by: Rose Fox on July 25, 2005 7:52 PM

I like the ads. I think the reaction to them proves just how obsessed with fake celebrity icons many people are.

Posted by: Rob Mortimer on July 25, 2005 8:34 PM

Fat chicks rule. And I say that with no fuckin' irony whatsoever.

Posted by: Al aka El Negro Magnifico on July 26, 2005 1:12 AM

I love the ads, but I'm happy my girlfriend has a nicer figure..

Posted by: Tinus on July 26, 2005 3:13 AM

I would much rather see Real Women in ads than some of the anorexic looking women that are in every ad I see. I like Real Women, my wife is Real and I would be ok if my daughters turned out to be Real Women. I would have much more of a problem if they barley ate and had an obsession with keeping their weight under 100 lbs. I'm not saying that would like to see obese women either, that's just as unhealthy and would encourage bad habits as well.

Posted by: Merrell Ligons on July 26, 2005 8:38 AM

The ads are good. Big girls rock. Small girls rock.
Fat girls rock. Skinny girls rock.
I doubt that soap makes any difference.
And I'd like to see more graffitti on adrants. Fun.

Posted by: KRank on July 26, 2005 8:57 AM

The key point here is that girls rock

Posted by: Mcthingy2 on July 26, 2005 12:53 PM

I'm surprised that more campaigns, especially for products geared towards fat guys, aren't using images like this models. I can't weight to see Dove's sales numbers.

Posted by: charges on July 26, 2005 2:31 PM

I think the campaign is great, and all the women in it are beautiful. While it's true that skinny women are "real women" too, it's nice to see a different representation of women. Anorexic looking models only further perpetuate eating disorders, and the myth that we all have to look a one certain way. I'd pose in my undies for them if they asked me.

Posted by: notafatty on July 26, 2005 3:00 PM

Dove Firming lotion OBVIOUSLY doesn't work. What a horrible failure at dramatizing the benefit to suck up to 'real' women. What does the agency want, a gold medal of the Women in Advertising Federation, or to sell the product>

Posted by: Mariah on July 26, 2005 3:15 PM

How insensitive you are. This is a very successful campaign that launched in Europe about a year ago, that has just now gotten to the puritanical United States. How do you feel about your own self, and are you really saying most men wouldn't like a woman unless she looked like an anemic version of Lara Croft? I'd rather be fat and happy than bone-ass starving with plastic tits just so men could like me more...

Posted by: lrw on July 26, 2005 3:32 PM

I can't find a single woman I know who would do something drastic were she to be size 8-10.

Most of the women that I know who are "appreciated" are from size 0-2 with maybe some fudge.

Nice butt jeans like COH only go up to 32.

Size 8-10 in our "Ad Age" culture is surely fat, in terms of target and so forth.

And fat is not obese. I believe that size 14 is considered obese.

Posted by: Chris Abraham on July 26, 2005 3:33 PM

Skinny chicks are bad for business (my business, anyway!)

I don't usually use Dove's products, but that campaign makes me want to throw money at them.

I'm a size 14, too. Who'd trust a skinny chef? :-D

Posted by: MisChef on July 26, 2005 3:34 PM

The above should have read, "I can't find a single woman I know who wouldn't do something drastic were she to be size 8-10."

Posted by: Chris Abraham on July 26, 2005 3:35 PM

The campaign works for me - simply because I *notice* it when flipping through a magazine. If the models were more of the usual beautiful skinny girls instead of the beautiful "average" girls that are featured, I probably wouldn't stop to see what it was. As the target market (namely, a girl), it's probably going to show some sufficient ROI. I dig it.

Posted by: Jennifer on July 26, 2005 4:28 PM

The Dove ad is a super-boring retread sucking up to women and failing. If they really championed natural beauty as an ideal, they would present it as the ideal -- not label it as an alternative ideal.

Posted by: Sally on July 26, 2005 5:25 PM

I think the ads fail; they just scream "Average!!!"

The main thing is the simple very generic poses. They are like pre-teens just standing around.. they don't have sex appeal. These body types can be damn sexy with the right poses, and the ads wouldn't look like such an obvious gimmick.

Posted by: blah on July 26, 2005 11:24 PM

Gosh I just had to add a comment to this. I am definiately a fattie. My size is 18US (I have to put in US because I am UK based and am converting the sizes). Yes the Dove adverts came out some time ago here and did I sit up and notice these adverts? sure blimey. Did it get me to notice Dove the product? absolutely. Did it get me to buy Dove products? Don't be silly. Maybe I am too cynical to think that it would actually work, but I just didn't consider that it would.

But I have to say that my 17 year old daughter (size 6US/10UK) and my 23 year old cousin (size 8US/12UK) sure did get hooked on the products after these adverts came out. They loved what the adverts portrayed and definitely got bitten by the Dove bug. Which I consider to be quite a pricey bug.

Also for clarification can I say even though it was mentioned above that in the US most women go to drastic measures to loose weight if they are a size 8-10 this is definitely not the case for the UK. We are definitely weight conscious (obviously not me :-) ) but our standards are different. Basically anything under the equivalent of a size 4US/8UK is not easily available in the shops and even then as far as I am aware we only ever go down to size 2US/6UK. So those at 0 will have to be visiting the kiddies section.

Posted by: Petra on July 27, 2005 12:50 AM

Funny thing is, Dove's USP is that it caters to people with sensitive skin, which has nothing to do with weight at all. I've always used it for that reason, so this campaign seems a bit risky for no reason - its irrelevant to the actual benefits.

Posted by: Melissa on July 27, 2005 10:56 AM

You can't tell if a person is obese based on them telling you their dress size on the Internet. Obesity is measured in terms of a percentage of extra body fat relative to your overall body mass. Besides which, even if you could, a size 14 is hardly obese. Plump? Sure. A little chunky? Absolutely. But I have a very difficult time believing that anyone who is a small as a size 14 would be considered clinically obese. Extremely muscular women who are extremely fit and could never be called fat a day in their lives with large bone structures and large frames can wear size 12 or 14. Do you think they're fat? That's so utterly ridiculous.

Posted by: Kiki on July 27, 2005 5:40 PM

"If they really championed natural beauty as an ideal, they would present it as the ideal -- not label it as an alternative ideal."

Sally you are dead on. Why do I need to be *told* that these women are beautiful? No one bothers to explain Kate Moss (who is also beautiful)

I also think the presentation is unflattering, they could have made these women look much better (without making them look thinner)

The while undies look is hard to pull off. A thong would be nice.... but not in the USA I guess.

Posted by: futurebird on July 27, 2005 7:13 PM

Oxymoronic. The ad is advertising firming cream. If Dove is going for the idea that women and perfect and beautiful at any size and shape - why even bother with firming cream? Let the cellulite ripple!

Posted by: Inaya on July 28, 2005 12:09 PM

I think that is what is wrong with society. I prefer women that are real and that are comfortable with themselves. They don't worry about gaining a pound or two here and there. I am an average looking single male. I don't have ripped abs, and bulging muscles. What I do have is a beating heart and a good mind. Three cheers for these women! Bring 'em on...

Posted by: G on July 28, 2005 8:26 PM

Man! WTF is a real woman to all of you!!! A woman is a woman no matter what unless she's a fu-kin transvestite or something!! WTF does Dove know about women!! They're too greedy to even shell out some beautiful bras and underpants for these ladies. Ugly white bras and underpants all up in your face. You want us to love who we are...then don't advertise your beauty products for us to buy!! Beauty Industries are the last thing I would look up to--trying to counsel me on loving my natural self. Come on!! Have no more respect for Dove!! Don't fall for this B-sh-t!! If those photos aren't airbrushed then where are the stretchmarks or varicose veins!!??

Posted by: coocoo on August 5, 2005 7:22 AM

I have a bone to pick with that chris abraham loser up there ^. While you may believe that all women should be able to squeeze themselves into a size 0-2, and lack of exercise is what keeps this from occuring, such is not the case. Most women are NOT naturally near a size 2 unless they restrict their calories and deplete bone and muscle mass in the process. There are SOME women who are naturally small, but the rest of us shouldn't be told to envy them and try to attain the same look.

You are probably just some ugly SOB who has never gotten laid.
Girls you know wanna be a size 2? Well a lot of the guys I know wish they had a 7 inch penis, but im not holding them to it!
And no, im not fat. I just hate when people talk smack and can't back up anything that they say with valid points.

Posted by: Lauren on August 7, 2005 5:37 PM

you go lauren tell that a-hole off women that small stop menstrating they cant have children and sorry but thats one of the major things a womens body is desighned to do - if you are starving to the point where your body doesnt function correctly you have problems and if your man really loved you he would be more concerned with your health then your waistline

Posted by: Olivia on August 10, 2005 5:18 PM

Growing up, I always thought that "big boned" was a crock of shit. It was just an excuse for fat people to deny being fat so they didn't have to exercise/eat right.

I had always considered myself to be fat, though, but I was a size 8. I had virtually no bodyfat. My hip bones were protruding. But, since I was size 8 and my friends were size 0, I was fat.

NOW I know that I'm not fat at all. Some people have bigger bone mass/wider hips - do you see these people with rolls hanging over their jeans? Not at all. The people who have rolls hanging over their pants and flab jiggling wherever they walk - maybe they're fat. Not people who have bigger bones.

So, yes I'm big boned. No, I'm not fat. There's a difference.

What I find funny is how people (namely guys, sorry guys) constantly have to say the ads are stupid because no one wants to see fat girls. It's bad enough that the media brainwashes us so much that someone who is toothpick thin can be considered "normal". It's disgusting. Why should we, as a populace, have to be exposed to the "perfect" body image ideal all our lives? Do you KNOW how many women grow up with psychological problems and low self-esteem due to the fact that they feel they don't meet society's standards? It's disgusting. Girls as young as 10 years old are going on diets. 80% of women consider themselves to be fat. Even the ones who are size 2. I really don't think guys have the right to criticize the ad since we, as women, are the ones who have to face it every day.

Sure, there are ads portraying males to be super fit and ripped and all that. But there is not as much pressure on you physically than us. I see so many fat men walking around like they don't give two shits, whereas women are really affected by the 'ideal' body image portrayal in the media.

Wouldn't it be nice to just BE ourselves?

Posted by: Allison on April 1, 2006 11:01 PM

Most of you women seem to think that being attractive to a male in the public/media sense means being skinny to the point of anorexia. This isn't true. You don't have to take my word for this because i can't show you the exact study I found this fact from (but i learned in in an abnormal psych class) but the truth is women have a thinner ideal weight for themselves than men have for women. Thats right, women atually feel they are most attractive with a lower weight than the weight that men are actually most attracted to. This does not mean however that the dove models are attractive. They may be to some people, but personally I feel the atheletic look or the thin look is more attractive than the slightly overweight look. Its all about your opinion, as I feel the same way about my own appearance. I would rather be thin or muscular than fat, beause the truth is it takes more work to be thin or muscular than it does to sit on my chair and eat twinkies, telling people that being overweight is natural. I go to the gym everyday because I have the drive to. My girlfriend runs everyday as well. I believe we are both healthy, and and I respect her for not just for how she looks but for having the will/self respect care about her body the way she does. I work out so I look good for her, and for my health, and she does the same for me. Also she is definitely more in shape than most dove models, (not to say that those models don't care about their bodies but...they would probably look better if they worked as hard as she did). In todays world I'd be more worried about Americas growing weight issues than their model standards. If we didn't have so much horrible fast food and if we had a more health driven society (rather than junk food and crash diets) then this "ideal" everyone complains about would not be all that out of reach anyway, and you could choose to stay the weight that you feel is healthiest for you. Issues like heart problems and diabetes would be less severe as well. Just my two cents.

Posted by: John on June 1, 2006 11:49 PM

if these chicks were really comfortable with who they were, they wouldnt be sucking in their guts...just some food for thought..haha get it??

Posted by: ryan on December 9, 2006 11:45 PM

if these chicks were really comfortable with who they were, they wouldnt be sucking in their guts...just some food for thought..haha get it??

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Posted by: Fat girls on February 20, 2007 4:56 PM


fuck all you stupid guys. I don't want to hear anything about your "drive" to go to the gym, or the fact you don't like slightly over-weight girls. I don't want to hear guys saying they think these girls aren't that fat, but guys like girls who are "trim" and have muscles. I don't fucking care. You suck. I hate the male species. I wish you could all live without sight for a few days and actually meet a girl based on WHO she is and not what she looks like. Sometimes looks can display a deeper problem, maybe you could help instead of pretending a girl's invisible because she wouldn't fit into your fantasy life. GOD I'M SICK OF YOU. I have yet to meet a decent male in my life.

All this is coming from a formerly "slightly overweight" girl. I'm thin now, and now guys come around. You jackasses. Talk to me and I'll kick you in the balls.

Regarding the ad, I could care less. I never bought dove, nor will I ever. But this constant arguing and spiteful discussion about these girls being "fat and ugly" is pissing me off. They're people just like you, YOU FUCKING RETARDS.

Alright. That's all. I'm done PMSing.

Posted by: wiggley on March 13, 2007 2:02 AM

the girls in these ads are all gorgeous, I fancy them all something rotten, I would go out with any of them at the drop of a hat

Posted by: coreinstincts on August 26, 2007 10:29 PM

Im a us 10/uk 14, and i feel very fat and useless at the moment, these ads are a breath of fresh air to me! im sick of looking at nicole ritchie and the like every fookin day. Ideally id ike to be a dress size smaller, but deffo not some golf club legged food phobe. All hail curves!! ( in proportion)

Posted by: Cheryl on September 4, 2007 11:09 AM

I know that there are some people who are 'naturally' fat, but they CAN try to lose the weight, not just moan and all. the worst kind of people are the overweight types saying they can't lose weight.

hell, I'm a 15 year old girl who's NOT even fat, and I'm aiming to lose weight by restricting calories and exercising alot. know why?
cause the world in unfair.

if all model were size 8-14, everyone in this ENTIRE world can be models. besides, who wants to see an overweight or 'normal' sized women on a Victoria's Secret Fashion Show?

Posted by: Alessa on October 11, 2007 9:46 PM

I know that there are some people who are 'naturally' fat, but they CAN try to lose the weight, not just moan and all. the worst kind of people are the overweight types saying they can't lose weight.

hell, I'm a 15 year old girl who's NOT even fat, and I'm aiming to lose weight by restricting calories and exercising alot. know why?
cause the world in unfair.

if all model were size 8-14, everyone in this ENTIRE world can be models. besides, who wants to see an overweight or 'normal' sized women on a Victoria's Secret Fashion Show?

Posted by: alessa on October 11, 2007 9:47 PM

I was a perfect ballerina and then my thyroid crapped on me... I didn't know it but I gained the weight, 20 pounds in 5 weeks. Everyone assumed I ate a bag of chips per day in my closet and were wondering what went wrong. I steadily gained more and more and decided to go back to balley and exersize 20 hours per week... I lost 10 of the 50 pounds I had gained. I finally went to the right doctor (3 lied to me by then) who found out I was hypothyroid which prevents weight loss.

So, to all the loosers out there who judge those who are a size 12-16, your stupid. It isn't lack of exersize or laziness like you think. There can be very valid reasons, and on top of it all - I am a CATCH!

Posted by: Gorgeous on January 30, 2008 1:13 PM

Posted by: doveforever on March 9, 2008 11:31 PM

The self righteous, self pitying rants some women make about shallow men make me laugh because women actually judge men just as much as men judge women, but on different things. Women want men with big bank accounts; men want women who are young and thin. Sure, men pass up nice average looking girls all the time for high maintenance bleached blondes. But then again, nice guys with average jobs often get passed over by women for bastards with MBAs and sports cars. In other words, both genders are equally shallow.

As for this campaign for "real" beauty, people have complaining about how beauty gets more attention than it should since biblical times and earlier, and it has never really convinced anyone. I doubt all the scolding in the world about how men should prefer thick waisted women mugging in Fruit of the Loom underwear will ever make men like Victoria's Secret models any less. But what the hell, the average Joe will ultimately have to settle for the average Jane, and vice versa, and they'll both probably end up reasonably happy with one another.

Posted by: Louisa on August 27, 2008 7:46 AM

This is ridiculous. First off, every woman is a REAL WOMAN. If you were born female, then technically that makes you a real woman. This world is so thrown off it's insane. Be who you wanna be, do what you wanna do. Everyone is as beautiful and as skinny and as fat as they see themselves. Who cares what the rest of the world thinks. F them. I don't give a hell what size you are, you can be beautiful. After all, a size is merely how you find clothing for your body! Who cares!? Society has ruined the meaning of "beauty". Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and some people need to step off their high horse and realize you are NOT the beholder of anyone and everyone. Maybe those people don't care wtf you think? Keep it to yourselves. Stop putting people down. No one is any better than anyone else in this world.

Posted by: aggieprincess on January 12, 2009 4:24 AM