Grand Theft Billboard Goes Up As Game Pulled


One day before Rockstar announced it would alter Grand Theft Auto San Andreas to an AO (Adult only) rating, this big ass outdoor board appeared in Union Square. On Wednesday, Rockstar announced it was ceasing production of the current version of the game because a hack was found that unlocked hard core sex scenes within the game. While it certainly takes plenty of lead time to get a board of this magnitude up, one does wonder about the timing of it all.

Ever-present Bucky Turco thinks the whole thing is just a bunch of needless wind, telling Adrants, "To me, this whole hot coffee hack/modification was blown so out of proportion. Yes you could hack the PC version and there is some pornographic material, however the console game, although it too has leftover material, it way harder to hack, and that's the one that is most sold not the PC version. Who the hell plays GTA on a computer?"

View another image of the board here.

Written by Steve Hall    Comments (1)     File: Outdoor     Jul-21-05  
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"Who the hell plays GTA on a computer?"


People who
a: Wish it to run at more than 10frames a second
b: those of us who like to have precise mouse movement instead of awkward analogue stick fumbling

Posted by: Rob Mortimer on July 22, 2005 12:59 PM

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