Monitors Orgasm to Promote TVGuide Online


TV has launched a yet another orgasm-themed viral called "Fusebox" which, using a computer monitor and a flat screen TV, illustrates the attractiveness of TV Guide online content. According to discussion in an Adrants forum, it has not been well received by the industry. From the wide screen take over to load times to relationship to the brand, many found the effort underwhelming.

Fusebox, Inc. Creative Director, whose company created the spot and who, commendably and in an uncommon practice, placed this work up for discussion in front of a naturally voracious and opinionated audience, has promised to heed the advice of his peers during the creation of the next three spots in the series. Join the discussion here and offer your opinion. We know. We know. It's pain, but you have to join the network to read the forum.

by Steve Hall    Jul-14-05   Click to Comment   
Topic: Viral   

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Not a good ad.
When TV Guide was asked about ROI they replied
"We've got a world class MMW rating on that one."

MMW = more money wasted. ŠKRank 2005
P.S. Destroy ROI ! Enough !

Posted by: KRank on July 16, 2005 1:28 PM