Urinal Ads Distract


OK, do guys really need to have a massive pair of breasts right in front of their eyes when all that's being attempted is to remain relaxed in order to calmly relieve the previous few hours of liquid intake?

by Steve Hall    Jul-29-05   Click to Comment   
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Watched a kid try to rip one of these off the wall the other night... said he didn't like anyone talking to him while he was holding his ...

Posted by: Adam on July 29, 2005 1:30 PM

Need? No. Want? Absolutely.

Posted by: Jeff on July 29, 2005 2:06 PM

Having seen the show I can say the placement for the promo is appropriate near a urinal or toilet. Maybe it was considered as a "point of purchase" .

Posted by: Magoo on July 30, 2005 6:58 PM

Hey, I was in a bar with one of these last weekend. When you touch the breasts, she talks to you too, though it was too loud to hear what she was saying.

Posted by: TheOneEyedMan [TypeKey Profile Page] on August 2, 2005 3:15 PM