Radar Pays Big For Tom Cruise, No Money Left For Promotion


It's rumored Radar magazine paid $300,000 for insider info on the Tom Cruise Scientology feature which appeared in its September issue. That, perhaps, explains the apparent lack of funds available to support any street marketing beyond a couple of lame stickers shown in this image taken by our street shot snapper Bucky Turco.

by Steve Hall    Aug-23-05   Click to Comment   
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I would have charged about half of that to tell them he was nuts.

Posted by: Jim Turner on August 23, 2005 6:14 PM

Shame that...the article is absolutely brilliant. Covers all of the craziest aspects of Scientology (Xenu the galactic overlord and the brainwashing of dead alien ghosts in a Super 3D Movie theater) alongside the more sinister aspects (blackmail, brainwashing of real human people in remote ranches, promises to 'cure' homosexuality). Well written and worth picking up a copy of Radar to read.

Posted by: Anon on August 24, 2005 2:55 PM

This sounds like complete nonsense to me, and I know many of the sources to that story. If any of them made $300,000 it is news to me, and probably to them, too. Most of them are simply ex-Scientologists who are more than happy to share their knowledge for free.

Posted by: Rob Clark [TypeKey Profile Page] on August 24, 2005 4:36 PM

I have no Idea why Radar would want to spend $300,000 for rights to an article that,people can get the lies they want on Scientology from (for Free) at www.operation ClamBake.com or www.Scientologylies.com.The mind must make itself right, any time they have wronged, someone or some group. But if a person wants to see the truth of something, they must look for them selves. For the ones that do want to grow and become more sane, go to www.Scientology.net and see the lies that are spread on Scientology and how easy they are to Disprove, and also while your there look how many good articles compared to the bad. I was concerned about the Bad articles as you can see, As I defend The Scientologists, by going and typing in Diamonddille in your Google Browser and the Church had no concern and basically said just don't let it effect you. I then looked up there growth Stats and realized why, all the Negative articles that comes out, there is a direct correlation on there stats rising. So I suppose I shouldn't say any thing. Most Scientologists don't respond, and now I see why. Sane people can obnose the obvious for them selves and can see that "The make right mechanism of the Mind"is the why of the negative articles. Does a democrat look at the writings of a Republican or Visa versa? They become critical and only pick the data that supports there belief. Neither will grow, because of that mechanism, Realize it and apply it and you can see and use the good view points of both, The out come would become another better party I am sure. I am not a Politician . Ones Viewpoint is based on there perception and in Scientology, for the first time in the history of this planet, have an actual technology to raise ones perception level, for those who really want the truth of something. Most are content with the data on any subject out there, which by the way( most of which is 95% false). To Find truth one must do some honest evaluating and searching for himself and most of all must raise his perception level. Most don't have the reality that there perception can be raised as they never experience the auditing technology that Scientology uses, which is what Scientology is really all about, (not the actions of its members applying them) and now have a different viewpoint. So the status Que can justify there "State of Being", by remaining the same. It takes effort and disciplain to change and one makes wrong any technology where that is offered. There are those 2 1/2% that effect 20% by trying to stop any thing good,(not just Scientology). LRH says you can find the exact point of ones insanity, and that point, is when they start to stop things. Look For your self, the Gains are well worth it. The secrets of life and the mysteries of the universe will unfold to you and you will realize why the real truths of existence won't be found in books. They are found in your own spiritual Memory. Books are mans concepts, Spiritual concepts can't be described by words, they can only be known, by personal inspection or observation. Those concepts give you whole new abilites. Truth is what is true for you, but by raising your perception, your viewpoint of Truth will shift and only those on that perception level will agree. Scientology will have NEW concepts you will not nescessarity agreement with at first.That is why spreading lies about Xenu is so suppressive, it gives one the wrong concept of what Scientology is really all about .Those concepts that are being spread are obviously misconceptions. I don't think any one would think those concepts are sane, so obvious are misconceptions or lies being spread. I wouldn't come into Scientology if I heard that junk. With out doing the actual courses, they have just taken someting out of context, so one can make something,what ever they want. Till you actually come more into the present,(which is what auditing is all about) then you will have more of an ability to see the truth of something. The real truth will blow your Mind, but it can only come by raising your perception, which is done thru auditing, which is processes that were created by LRH, to bring you more into PRESENT TIME. Your past keeps your attention back there, so you can't see what really is.(You are where your attention is) That is Scientology and I never hear any one talking about processes. If you walked down a street day in and day out and one day, someone points out a building and all of a sudden you realized that you had never seen that before. That is Scientology, nothing but good can come from being in the present. You can't get sick for one(psyco-somatic illness that is). You can't have an accident for 2) You could handle any situation life thru at you for 3) Do You want me to continue? Do you see that society could be different, if people were to be in the PRESENT? You are a spiritual being, that can just know.If you just knew, your survival would be at a higher level and you would know it. You might not be able to prove it, But you would know. What could possibly be wrong with that? That's the result of Scientology Processing. Whole groups makes there Survival from the lies based on the lies spread. When you start seeing them, you will understand why we have so much insanity out there. A Scientologist knows it don't have to be. But people resist change, they think the truth exposed will endanger there survival. That is rediculous, Truth is survival...

Posted by: Diamonddille on August 25, 2005 3:59 AM

Can someone please blogs Diamondille's point. Who has time to read all that?

Posted by: Bucky da ANIMAL on August 25, 2005 3:01 PM

WTF is Diamondille on??? who has time to read that...maybe your piece should be in the magazine!
To caputure that whole blog in 3 words:

Truth is survival

(happy Bucky?)



Posted by: Haroon on August 25, 2005 4:42 PM