Ad Age Finally Features 'Big Ad'


Ad Age has done two things of note today in its TV Spots of the Week column, First, it features a Toyota Prius ad that is unauthorized by the car maker and was created by Area 51 Films and distributed by New York PR firm Juice to highlight director Theodore Melfi. The second, months after the ad raced through the Internet, Ad Age has finally decided to include Carlton Draught's Big Ad. Why the wait?

Other spots this week include a great spot for Cincinnati Bell, created by GJP Advertising, which shows a guy using dial up and as the camera zooms out, we realize he an exhibit in a to a cave man exhibit. Quite brilliant actually. Unless, of course, you're the loser still using dial up. Dockers does a love connection with San Francisco street cars. Canada's CHUM Television has a spot, created by Mitchell Gabourie, for the Buck Calder experience, a comedy series that follows an American director working in Canada making a fool of himself.

by Steve Hall    Sep-26-05   Click to Comment   
Topic: Commercials   

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