Ad Postings Encourage Graffiti


Today, Bucky Turco was walking down the street and noticed a new ad for New York Sports Club. It was a series of wild postings in groups of 4 that said "________Better" and were accompanied by various images supporting the copy that was printed but looked like it was written in with marker. They copy read: Oh my God Better, Scram Better, and Play Better.

One of the spaces was blank so Turco decided to write in BLOG Better just for fun with a marker. Turco wonders if this could be construed as breaking the law by defacing property paid for by an advertiser and also wonders whether advertising that encourages people to interact or write on it, could classify the writing as graffiti, an art form many consider illegal. Certainly, it's a gray area yet encouraging people to interact with advertising can have it's benefits.

by Steve Hall    Sep- 1-05   Click to Comment   
Topic: Outdoor   

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Writing on posters could become new way of attracting attention and personalising the brand communication with the users, actually - anyone. As well - this is a nice way to be closer, more friendly with the audience allowing them to expose their attitude and what they think - and this is not a monologue anymore - this is a poster blog with commenting possibilities.

Posted by: ingus on September 2, 2005 11:03 AM

Ad postings encourage graffiti. Also, bear craps in woods.

Posted by: Voe on September 2, 2005 4:13 PM