Seifert Code Oddly Similar to Australia Code


Examining a couple of pages of Shona Seifert's recently written Proposed Code of Ethics for the Advertising Industry as part of a sentence for her mishandling Ogilvy & Mather funds, New Communications has found striking similarities between Seifert's code and the Adverting Federation of Australia's Agency Code of Ethics and wonders just how much Seifert has learned about ethics. While Seifert does site reference to the Australian code in her code, the similarities are, indeed, striking. Of course, there's aren't too many ways to say, "Don't Cheat. Don't Steal. Be Honest. Work Hard."

Written by Steve Hall    Comments (3)     File: Agencies, Policy     Sep-16-05  
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She may be truly sorry now and mean every word in it, but where were all those awarenesses and self-convictions before she got convicted by the law? The first part of her "Proposed Code of Ethics For the Advertising Industry" seemed to me to try to lessen her culpability by blaming the entire "system" of large corporations and old sloppy practices. The middle has many good ethical suggestions (but were they her's?). She even quotes Jack Welch: "We must rely on the integrity of our people as our first line of defense.", and prefaces that by saying "Without leaders championing the values, ambiguity is created" (smacks of finger pointing to me!).

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