Bus Handrail Hangers Recruit Drug Testers


From Flickr user Sangsara, who shot the image of a cow atop a bus for a flavored milk company, comes this interesting in-bus ad concept. Along the hand rail, small promotional packages for drug company Pfizer are hung. The ads seek clinical research volunteers. While Pfizer surely hopes people grab these hanging ad handles, we sure hope commuters grab the real handles when the bus comes to a stop lest there be a pile of injured, ad-carrying people at the front of the bus. View close up shots here and here.

Written by Steve Hall    Comments (2)     File: Outdoor     Oct-25-05  
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Actually, I'm not sure this stunt is that "interesting." It seems to me a pretty craven attempt at luring people into potentially hazardous human-gerbil experimentation with a pharmaceutical monolith. Basically it's saying "Hey, you ride the bus, so you probably could use a little extra cash. Why not let us poke and prod you and then fill you up with something that we're not even quite sure what it does yet?"

But then again, fuck poor people, right?

Posted by: Worker #3116 on October 25, 2005 03:36 PM

i'm with you, it's just a disgusting strategy.

Posted by: sangsara on December 3, 2005 08:26 AM

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