Distribution in Jeopardy, Rimmel May Drop Kate Moss


Our tipsters are telling us cosmetics company Rimmel, the last Kate Moss holdout, may, after all, drop Moss as spokesmodel. The company is getting pressure form number two distributor Walgreens who, apparently, has said "She goes or we go." Not wanting to risk a serious distribution channel, Rimmel is seriously considering eradicating themselves from association with Moss. Also looming in Rimmel's rear view mirror is retail colossus Wal-Mart who may also a "Moss or us" edict essentially putting Rimmel out of business. It's a fair bet Rimmel will be saying goodbye to Kate Moss very soon.

by Steve Hall    Oct- 4-05   Click to Comment   
Topic: Brands, Campaigns, Celebrity   

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Jeez... There goes another few million. I at least hope, for her sake, that the coke she did do was some sort of good Peruvian flake, otherwise this new news is truly a loss.

Posted by: Bucky da ANIMAL on October 4, 2005 5:02 PM

i'm not so up on popular culture so i wasn't sure why they wanted her gone. but i guess the first comment cleared that up... *grin*

Posted by: mainja on October 4, 2005 5:45 PM

This is starting to get a little ridiculous. Granted she got caught "Red Nosed" but 90% of every other 80lb fashion model is snorting the same blow and (hardier more obvious drugs - i.e Heroin). Her best bet is to lay low for a year or so and then make a Jason Giambi comeback. She'll get even more attentntion of 'kicking the habit'. Granted she doesn't put on 200lbs without the powder diet.

Posted by: Stu on October 5, 2005 2:10 PM