Grocery Store Opened With 'World's Largest Picnic'


On Tuesday, Luanne Calvert of Mixed Marketing did her thing again. After bringing a Time's Square billboard to life for the relaunch of CK One, creating a human snow globe for Yahoo! Shopping, and putting on Netflix's Movie Watching Marathon event, Calvert hosted the "world's largest picnic" in San Francisco to celebrate Oakville Grocery's San Francisco store opening. The picnic was open to the public and featured free picnic basket lunches for the first 500 guests. The picnic took place on a red and white blanket that was nearly 10,000 feet square in size. See some images of the event here.

UPDATE: In Comments, Guillaume points out the French have the Americans beat by five years with sparkling water company Badoit having done the picnic thing. Also, the "billboard brought to life" thing was done long ago as well by Chantal Thomas. Apparently, there is a world outside of America.

Written by Steve Hall    Comments (1)     File: Guerilla     Oct- 4-05  
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Sorry but the idea of the Biggest Pic Nic has been done already all across France 5 years ago by BADOIT, a sparkling water brand.

Same for the billboard brought up to life by CHANTAL THOMAS lingerie ages ago ... in Paris this time.


Posted by: Guillaume on October 11, 2005 07:56 AM

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