Publisher Hosts 'Blook' Prize, Neglects to Mention Originators


Online publisher Lulu has announced the Lulu Blooker prize, awarded in three categories, to the person who submits the best "blook," a book based on the contents of a weblog. The contest, which offers a $2,000 brand prize, will be judged by big-time blogger Cory Doctrow, Slashdot's Robin Miller and ibiblio's Paul Jones. Unfortunately, while latching on to the term "blook" as if they owned it, Lulu neglected to mention either Jeff Jarvis, who coined the term, or Tony Pierce, who wrote the first blook which is just typical of entities cashing in on culturati, trends and memes.

Written by Steve Hall    Comments (2)     File: Publishing, Weblogs     Oct-11-05  
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Steve, please don't use the word "culturati" ever again. Thank You.

Posted by: anon on October 11, 2005 06:19 PM

Well, they've acknowledged it on their website now but I have to agree with the bloggers who think that blook is a really stupid word. It really is an awful word.

The Blooker Prize website wasn't loading just now but I don't think they mention the Booker Prize that is the other obvious source for the title. Maybe they do or maybe nobody cares. But that's the only reference that makes the use of the term blook not so horribly bad.

Posted by: Clyde Smith on October 12, 2005 01:48 AM

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