Agency Christmas Card Horrifies 'A Christmas Story'


In an era when fruit baskets and fancy boxed trinkets don't cut it anymore, agency Christmas cards continue to get more and more elaborate and this years card from Via is no exception. The agency did a video remix of holiday favorite, A Christmas Story, creating a movie trailer called A Christmas Gory. If anything, it proves there's no such thing as reality, only what happens in the editing suite. To invite people to the "card," the agency created a box like the one in the movie, stuffed it with wood shavings and a certificate pointing to the site.

The site also has buddy icons, desktop wallpaper, t-shirt and stuff through CafePress and an inspirational nod to a remix of The Shining. Acknowledging the world domination of the iPod, the agency also offers the remixed video in video iPod size. We hope all the rest of you agencies send your cards too. Maybe we'll have some sort of contest to see which agency's is the best.

Written by Steve Hall    Comments (1)     File: Agencies     Dec- 9-05  
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Um... that sucked. Thanks for wasting 2 precious minutes of my Friday.

Posted by: Fearless on December 9, 2005 06:46 PM

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