Explosion of Opinion Kills Agency Holiday Card Concept


Clearly illustrating the humorous obsessiveness of your average ad agency and why most ad campaign fail due to analysis paralysis, New York agency AKQA struggles valiantly to create its Holiday card while, predictably, every person in the agency offers their insight and suggestions to a very frustrated Executive Creative Director.

Written by Steve Hall    Comments (2)     File: Agencies     Dec-20-05  
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I wouldn't entrust this agency with the position of a School Crossing Guard let alone my account! This does a diservice to the history of Madison Ave wherever it might be presently located!

Posted by: Keith Trumbo on December 20, 2005 10:13 PM

Hi AdRants, and... Mr. Trumbo

First, a shout out to AdRants. Thanks for making a mention of our 2005 Xmas Card and the mini synopsis. BTW, the team here at AKQA digs AdRants. Keep up the great work with this quality Blog.

And... uh hum... Mr. Trumbo. The team at AKQA is sorry that you found the Xmas Card not to your liking. The comment about how this card does a disservice to the history of Madison Avenue and how you wouldn't trust our agency leaves us a little mystified. Would you care to enlighten the blogsphere further?

At any rate, I guess you are someone who is definitely qualified to comment, you big gun NYC photographer you. I took a look through your amazing examples of creativity in the realm of photography on your website. Great stuff Mr. Trumbo. What stock photography agency do you shoot for?

All the best for 2005,

Damian Claassens
Creative Director
AKQA New York

Posted by: Damian Claassens on December 29, 2005 09:05 PM

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