Stylish Saturn Sky Promoted With Stylish Press Package


GM, to introduce its stylish new Saturn Sky roadster and to position the vehicle as a compliment to one's fashion versus a nice hunk of metal to park in the garage, GM PR agency Weber Shandwick sent journalists a package of information that aligned perfectly with the communications message of style and fashion. An iPod. A black one no less. On the iPod were images of the new Saturn Sky and a video which conveyed, through a very stylish channel, the car's element of fashion. Notably and thankfully, the package contained no traditional, overly wordy, superlatively saturated, presumptuously pretentious, bombastically boastful, pompously proud, cavalierly conceited, smart-aleck snooty press release. Oops...there is one. It's on the CD that came with the package but it's secondary to main focus of the communication and, thankfully, it's fairly superlative-free.

The entire package, including the beautifully designed outer packaging; the CD which contained the above mentioned press release, images of the car and a video and, of course, the stylishly black iPod, beautifully delivers the Saturn Sky message.

Written by Steve Hall    Comments (1)     File: Promotions     Dec- 9-05  
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What? Where's mine? I bet my postal worker lifted it.

Posted by: David Burn on December 9, 2005 02:49 PM

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