'Date movie' Trailer Gets Carl's Jr. Paris Hilton Spicy Spoof Treatment


AdJab points to an AdWeek story about a trailer for the movie Date Movie which centers on the Carl's Jr. Paris Hilton sex-with-a-car ad and neither even point to the trailer they're writing about. Granted, the trailer's been out for a couple weeks, the movie will suck and once you've seen one Carl's spoof, you've seen them all but rather than inconvenience you by making you search for the video yourselves, we did a quick search and can point you to the spot here on iFilm along with plenty of other clips from the movie. Poor Allison Hannigan. On the other hand, who thought American Pie would be any good so we'll reserve judgement until the movie's released.

Written by Steve Hall    Comments (1)     File: Commercials, Spoofs     Feb-12-06  
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Hollywood uses sex to sell. A women's body and a women's sexuality attracts the public. Most men are intrigued by the female sexuality. Of
course, men want to see half naked, skinny, and good looking female
bodies, and most females find it intimidating because they feel like
they have competition. In most movies, television commercials, ads, and music videos there is a hot girl with big breast and a nice body. In a Carls Jr. commercial they use Paris Hilton as a sex symbol by showing of her nearly naked body, and atracting the "audience," in both a negative and a positive way.

Hollywood puts the Carls Jr. commericial in one of its popular movies, "Date Movie", where Paris Hilton rubs her wet, nearly naked body
in a very provocative way. She walks in a dark garage with a sexy fur coat and takes a couple of steps and rips it off, and then reveals her tiny one piece bathing suit. The first thing she does after approaching the expensive Bentley is bend over to the floor in a very sexual position, she grabs a running hose and throws water all over her body and grabs a sponge with white soap and rubs it on to her body. Then, she climbs on top of the car and begins to wash it in a very provocative way. After a few seconds into the commercial the producers finally show the burger from Carl's Jr that they are trying to sell. In the advertising Hollywood business, getting the right
person, or [should I say] the right body, is the most important step to
contraversy. If it were a man rubbing his half naked body in a very
provocative way, it wouldnt get nearly as much attention. In the real world, men who show their sexuality or takes care of their body are considered gay or feminine. That they are in touch with their feminine side. The creator of this commercial said it himself, "She’s a hot blond and its a hot burger, a natural marriage." Meaning that the creators know that Paris is hot and if they put her together with a hamburger in a commercial, they will sell their product.

The point of all commercials are to get edgy, to take all the
risks, to get to the top, and to sell their product even if it means
crossing the line of sexism. If someone does not notice the ad, it's
not worth making it. And most of these so called "edgy" commercial
are sexist. However, the creators see it from a different perspective. They believe that by getting edgy they are making something good
because they are making good money and selling their product. What
they don't see is the sexism in their commercial.
The way they compare a "hot body" to a "hot burger" and a
"hot car" (expensive car) is absurd. Its a disgrace of the women's beauty because in the commercial they make it seem like the only thing
that matters in a woman is her body. They put a very attractive women in a commercial for the use of their body to attract an audience to sell their product.

The reason why the directors chose Paris Hilton is because she is the greatest blond celebrity right now because of her crazy side, and her new released
video. The video was a home made tape with Paris Hilton and her then boyfriend in sexual acts. After Hollywood and other companys such as Carls Jr saw this video, they decided to use her as a sexual object. Directors reward her with roles in upcoming movies and commercials, and Paris gladly accepts these offers and gets rich off her crazy side. This tells us that the only thing that can get us far in life is a
pretty face and a hot body. They put her in a bikini, hose her
down, make her lick her fingers in a very sexual way and rub her
body against the "hot" car, and make close ups on intimate body
parts. And its not just any car shes washing, its a black Bentley, a
very popular and expensive car. All celebrities are driving it nowadays, and its over four hundred thousand dollars. Since she is the
greatest blond celebrity now, why would she be washing a
different car? They make it seem as if the very expensive car, the
very good looking Paris, and the delicious tasting burger come all
together. What guy wouldn’t want that? Hot=sell(money).

In conclusion, Hollywood takes advantage men by putting gorgeous half naked women everywhere. Whatever is hot to the public is hot to them. Men always want power, and stereotypically people see power as money and a good looking girl by your side. Therefore, company's use sexuality to persuade people to buy their products. Lets face it nowadays you can get a lot more money by showing a lot more skin. We all live in a material world.

Posted by: eric on June 7, 2006 09:39 PM

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