Staples Easy Button Conjures Great Wall


Launching Sunday, a new spot from Staples will place the Easy Button in a not so office like situation. The 30-second "The Wall" commercial created by McCann Erickson, opens on an Emperor in ancient China, standing on a grassy rolling hill, staring off into the distance with a small group of consorts behind him. Galloping towards the Emperor is a large army of fierce warriors. As they approach, a consort pulls out an ornate lacquer box. One of the Emperor's men opens it and inside is an Easy Button. With the warriors dangerously close, the Emperor steps forward with his arms crossed and his has one of his warriors confidently pushes the Easy Button.

Suddenly, the ground rumbles dramatically. A cloud of dust appears and we see a wall quickly rise from the ground behind the Emperor. The commercial cuts to reveal it's none other than the Great Wall of China that has sprung up out of the earth. Unfortunately for the Emperor, the Great Wall has sprung up behind him, separating him from his consorts. He wears a deadpan expression as he stands before the opposing army, completely alone and says "dang."

We've seen it but Staples isn't letting you see it until Sunday when it will be posted here. It's one of those ads that plays funny the first time. Not so much the second.

UPDATE: See the ad here if not available at the above link. Also, Tian points to a Behind the Scenes segment that shows the spot being shot in Mexico with Mexicans playing the Chinese parts. There's a cost cutting joke in there somewhere but we'll leave that one alone.

by Steve Hall    Feb-23-06   Click to Comment   
Topic: Commercials   

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