AdWeek Ranks Top Celebrity Advertising Earners


AdWeek has taken on the task of rounding up the top ten celebrity endorsement deals. For those who wish to wallow in the industry's obsession with celebrity, AdWeek will have a full report on Monday but, for now, you can admire how a single celeb can, in one day, make more money than you will see in your entire life.

1. Catherine Zeta-Jones, T-Mobile: $20 million
2. Angelina Jolie, St. John: $12+ million
3. Nicole Kidman, Chanel No. 5: $12 million
4. Jessica Simpson, Guthy-Renker: $7.5 million
5. Gwyneth Paltrow, Estèe Lauder: $6+ million
6. Charlize Theron, Dior: $6 million
7. Julia Roberts, Gianfranco Ferrè: $5 million
8. Brad Pitt, Heineken: $4 million
9. Scarlett Johansson, L'Oreal: $4 million
10. Penelope Cruz, L'Oreal: $4 million

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With the recent drop in money being offered for movies on the high-end, advertising for the big stars may become more lucrative than making movies themselves.

I also find it interesting that actresses pretty much dominate the list, although the luxury item companies listed supply part of that reason.

Posted by: Gary Bourgeault on April 21, 2006 06:05 PM

Were athletes deliberately excluded from the list?

Posted by: T. McMillan on April 23, 2006 11:52 AM

I am amazed that Robert Redford (United), Keifer Sutherland (Verizon) and Robert De Niro (American Express) didn't make the list. But then Redford and Sutherland are only doing Voice Overs.

Posted by: D. Delk on April 24, 2006 11:05 AM

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