'Apprentice' Product Placement Collides With VW Crash Ad


Here's a humorous mash up of the over bearing product placement on The Apprentice and the recent crash commercial from VW.

Written by Steve Hall    Comments (3)     File: Product Placement, Television     Jun- 7-06  
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Just AWFUL! Has anyone watched the show this season? The ratings have done a nose dive. I think Donald needs to just buy some real estate, rezone and rake in the billions!

Oh, and don't forget, that kid might need a little attention!

Posted by: John Boy on June 7, 2006 01:43 PM

That's about as retarded as that guy with palsy on Last Comic Standing.

Posted by: tom lout on June 7, 2006 03:15 PM

So, that ad is saying that VW drivers are loadmouth, inattentive morons who talk to themselves? That doesnt make me want to buy a VW ... or watch the apprentice.

Posted by: Peter Y on June 7, 2006 10:54 PM

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