Crappy Jeep Commercial Leads to Wasted Saturday on YouTube


With nothing better to do on a Saturday afternoon, we decided to follow a link under a really crappy Jeep spoof commercial on YouTube to morbeck's Biggest Video Response Chain Ever thing. We sometimes lead a very sheltered and quarantined life here in the Adrants high rise because, well, we're just too busy finding trivial advertisms and time wasters for you to enjoy so, we end up spending 24/7 trolling the Internet for crap like this that makes you wonder why the human race has nothing better to do that act like an idiot in front of a webcam. Oh wait. Sorry, I mean join the social ecocosm, and pump out paradigm-shifting consumer-generated media which, according to A-list bloggers, is transforming the world and causing marketers to drool uncontrollably like a male ad slut watching a Flirt Vodka ad.

Anyway, this guy who's a girl who's a guy who's a girl or whatever started this Biggest Video Response Chain Ever (who also did a Hottest of Youtube 2006 Contest) and it seems thousands of people with no life...uh...people who are adopting the new social methods of communication have responded from cute college girls to a girl pretending to be Christina Aguilera in her car, a girl who wrote a song about why she won't show her boobs on YouTube to a rabbit who plays with a stuffed animal to this dude who eats breakfast while adding his bit to the Chain to this pointless waste of 35 seconds.

Fuck. We want our Saturday afternoon back. Oh, and confirming the human race is surely destined to destroy itself and has no right calling itself a superior race, we find this despicable display of idiotic schoolyard behavior and rabid fan support for it.

by Steve Hall    Aug-26-06   Click to Comment   
Topic: Consumer Created, Video   

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Posted by: shedwa on August 28, 2006 2:27 AM