Gawker Weighs In On September Magazines


When we picture tiny Gawker Editor Jessica Coen trying to lug behemoth September issues of the fashion mags back to her place for the soon-to-be-annual Fall Fashion Weigh-in, we can't help but feel sorry for her but it's all in the line of duty . Reporting on important issues like the weight of magazines requires a determined dedication and Jessica most certainly has that. Out of the four issues she purchased last night, Glamour, Lucky, Vanity Fair and W, it was W that beat oth the others weighing in at 3.5 pounds. While that's heavy, it's no record. If memory serves, Vogue has tipped the sales upwards of four or more pounds. Stay tuned for Jessica's next weigh-in.

by Steve Hall    Aug- 8-06   Click to Comment   
Topic: Magazine   

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