Viral Maestro Gary Brolsma Returns With 'New Numa' Video


Gary Brolsma, famous for starting the worldwide Numa Numa craze over a year ago is back and back in a big way. He's capitalizing on the global viral fame he achieved with his original home grown video with a new "New Numa" video to promote his New Numa website on which people can enter the $45,000 New Numa contest by making their own video to the tune of the New Numa song. Making sure to fully capitalize on his fame, Gary also offers ringtones, iTunes downloads, chats with Gary, Cafe Press Numa Numa gear and an Americanized version of the song by Dan Balan. It's all pretty kitschy considering Gary's beginnings and, if successful, a proof point on the power of viral marketing.

Of course there's already detractors saying he's sold out but others thinks he's leveraged his unplanned fame into something with a revenue model. We side with the latter and think the dude could be onto something big. You can check out all the angst here in the forum section of the site. It's all pretty obsessive but fun at the same time.

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by Steve Hall    Sep-16-06    
Topic: Video, Viral

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