Elaborate TiVo Viral Continues


A couple weeks ago Davis Freeberg sent us a link to a video called Blue Moon, a 50's-style video explaining an important scentific discovery that turned out to be, yes, a TiVo. Of course, the whole things just a viral campaign and theres a website, TiVoisAliens to go along with it as well. Now, Freeberg dug deeper and found what he claims was some hacking into his computer after tracking down the IP address of the person running the TiVoisAliens site. He even claims subtle imagery of the Ogilvy logo is present in one of the spoof images on the site. Rather than going to all this trouble, perhaps TiVo should just stop playing nice with marketers and make a product that actually does what consumers want: skip commercials.

by Steve Hall    Sep-18-06   Click to Comment   
Topic: Viral   

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"things just a viral campaign and theres a website"

If you've decided to make words such an important part of your life, please take the time to check your spelling.

Posted by: Grammar Police on September 18, 2006 2:26 PM

Who says words are an important piece of my life? It's not like I'm writing a novel here:-)

Posted by: Steve Hall on September 18, 2006 2:35 PM

I don't care that my TiVo does not skip commercials out of the box. TiVo is for recording shows, not skipping commercials. I would think in your line of business you should be watching the commercials and skipping the shows.

Posted by: Sayten on September 18, 2006 2:51 PM

Exactly, Saytan. You should see me during the Supr Bowl. I don't even know what sport gets played! :-)

Posted by: Steve Hall on September 18, 2006 2:59 PM

Feller down the way has one of those fancy TiVo things and it skiped an entire drag race on him Saturday. He's going to trade it in on a new VHS machine or one of those disk things. Then he can have his wife cut them commercials out.

Posted by: Old Redneck on September 18, 2006 5:52 PM