Wait...Wait...Wait...Wait For It. OK. There's the Tagline


There's a reason most director's cuts of movies and commercials are usually snuffed out by those in charge of their distribution. It's because, with director's cuts, we have to insufferably sit through the director's long, overblown vision of himself just to hear taglines like, "fashion that turns every head in the place if you don't even make it to the place." Yes, BlueFly is that confident it's clothes will do that to you.

Written by Steve Hall    Comments (4)     File: Commercials     Sep-14-06  
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Did the agency think people are so dumb that they wouldn't get it without that cheesy voiceover and awful line? And yes, it could have been just as effective in 30 seconds. Learn how to edit!

Posted by: Daniel on September 14, 2006 02:40 PM

The whole commercial doesn't really tie into the tagline either.

Posted by: Rob Poitras on September 14, 2006 03:19 PM


Posted by: Sven Mohr on September 14, 2006 04:18 PM

Sven you've been into the jug once to often today!! Put it back!

Posted by: Old Redneck on September 14, 2006 06:10 PM

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