San Francisco's Most Beautiful Deficit Seeks Sponsorship


To offset an $87 million deficit, the Golden Gate Bridge is seeking brand integration relationships. Kevin Bartram of Sponsorship Strategies in Novato was hired to conduct a pre-sponsorship study and assist with raising funds. The name is not up for grabs, however, so for those seeking to rename it something really clever (like Rice-a-Roni Gateway or the Big Gay Arches), you will have to throw your money elsewhere.

There's concern about whether the number of suicides (over 1,200 successes and counting) will keep sponsors away. To jab at the money-hurting landmark's cry for financial aid, Hal Riney of Publicis & Hal Riney wryly notes, "Maybe they could charge 10 thousand bucks each and we could welcome [potential suicides]." - Contributed by Angela Natividad

Written by Angela Natividad    Comments (1)     File: Sponsorship     Nov-20-06  
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The California Fish and Game Commission has a policy to “Conserve, restore, maintain and utilize California's wild deer populations.” Their deer herd management program includes the following statement. “Develop diversified recreational use programs, including both hunting and nonhunting uses, consistent with the basic individual deer herd management unit capabilities.”

In the popular vernacular, this is known as “Thinning the herd.”

I believe that the California Fish and Game Commission should meet the Golden Gate Bridge District’s need for “appropriate sponsorship.”

I can only imagine that the Fish and Game Commission would not be to concerned with the human “herd thinning” that has been attracted to the Golden Gate Bridge.

Posted by: Wayne Schaffnit on November 20, 2006 02:29 PM

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