Adrants Offers Marketers 'Fake Blog' Apology Service


Since so many clueless marketers such as Coke, McDonald's, Walmart and others seem to have tremendous difficulty accepting the fact people absolutely hate being tricked and duped online and can't seem to manage the backlash properly, Adrants, today, has launched the Fake Blog Apology service. For any marketer who finds themselves at the mercy of forum freaks, blog purists and righteous cause group watchdogs, we promise to create a public apology devoid of marketing and PR babble that is contrite and actually reflects the honest acknowledgment of your idiotic mistake. To take advantage of this important, face-saving service, send an email to You'll be in good hands.

by Steve Hall    Dec-14-06   Click to Comment   
Topic: Announcements, Weblogs   

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But....the email bounced back as undeliverable-- what am I going to do!?!

Posted by: Idiot on December 14, 2006 5:13 PM

Okay. But first I want to sample your wares.

How 'bout doing one on spec for the PSP?

Posted by: rushing on December 15, 2006 1:18 PM

Nice idea!

Posted by: Bradford Michaels on December 19, 2006 8:05 AM