More on HSBC's Position on All Positions Posited


Adrants reader Burning Max fills us in on the scope of the HSBC tat ad we looked at yesterday. It's part of a global campaign called Your Point of View, where opinions fly forth on everything from wrapping paper to gorillas to Blackberrys (14 percent per this entry say they're actually evil).

Burning Max notes, "the campaign is obviously meant to drive people to abandon prejudices, look behind their beliefs and don't be afraid of differences - the best way to approach global business... and life in general, I guess..."

We dig it more and more. It's a total Benetton throwback, before they got into all that trouble with the Death Row campaign and dumbed down with Barbie liaisons. Here's to hoping banks and Barbies never meet.

Check out more provocative print and send accompanying ecards.

by Angela Natividad    Dec-19-06   Click to Comment   

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Are you serious? This campaigns been running for a year or so. Stop looking at boobs and pay attention to the ads

Posted by: jay on December 20, 2006 2:30 PM