Hilary Clinton Grabs Mad Ave Execs For 2008 Presidential Bid


For her 2008 Presidential bid, Hilary Clinton has gathered together her advertising team including GSD&M CEO Roy Spence, Voluntary United Group of Creative Agencies CEO Andy Berlin and former BBDO Senior Executive Creative Director Jimmy Siegel. Spence is a close friend of Clinton and has known both Bill and Hilary since 1972 and worked on Bill Clinton's bid for the Presidency.

Already, the Hilary Clinton campaign has been seen advertising on blogs through the BlogAds network in an effort to reach the several very powerful political influencers who inhabit that space.

Written by Steve Hall    Comments (1)     File: Agencies, Campaigns     Jan-29-07  
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You’d think Hillary might play it more low-key with her Madison Avenue cronies, given the industry’s current political problems with diversity. After all, both Jesse Jackson and Sen. John Kerry have spoken out on the diversity issues, as have a handful of NY politicians. Sure, Hillary has hubby Bill to help her lure the Black vote. But it would be interesting to see if an enterprising politician might use the issues to ultimately smear Hillary.

Posted by: HighJive on January 29, 2007 02:04 PM

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