Experiential Forum Launches Benign Wiki Discourse on XM (Not the Radio)


Because for some strange reason we'd all prefer incestuous think tanks to trolling malls and listening to people chat about which AirMaxes are hype, the same cat who brought us Swivel Media brings us the Experiential Marketing Forum, a global indy forum of marketers and students who'd like to dissect Experiential Marketing (XM).

Here we find a sedate wiki-style space where brilliant minds can discuss the "burgeoning experiential marketing industry," possibly the precursor to a policy-pumping spin-off a la WOMMA. Word of mouth, apparently just one tentacle on the XM octopus, is so yesterday compared to this zany interactive (cough-cough-consumer-generated) brand thing.

Can't wait to see what kind of pop philosophy and patchwork policy rolls out of this bad-boy.

by Angela Natividad    Feb-26-07   Click to Comment   
Topic: Agencies, Industry Events, Research   

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Hi Angela...

Thanks for pointing people to the Experiential Marketing Forum (www.experientialforum.com) for the first survey of its international membership. There are a few errors though, and I would like to correct:

* EMF is an independent organization from Swivel Media entirely, and the URL for the forum where people can check it out is www.experiential forum.com. It was founded by one of Swivel's founders, but it is not affiliated with it corporately. It has board members who are also Soflow members such as Max Lenderman and David Polincheck. I also wanted to be clear that is made up of international members who are marketers and students exploring the methodology of XM. WOM is a tactic of XM, but XM is an umbrella for many many non-traditional forms of advertising.

* The EMF was founded in 2004 and now has more than 3,000 members from over 169 countries and sovereign nations presently, and is growing daily.

* The banner for the London-based conference is there as a media partner to highlight that one conference in April, but is not affiliated with the forum. They just seredipitously named their conference Experiential Marketing Forum. Sorry for any confusion, but wanted to make that clear too.

Thanks for any clarification you can make, Angela, and for your open ear re: the EMF and the outreach it does to the industry.

Posted by: Barbara on February 26, 2007 3:06 PM

How is XM consumer-generated? Experiential marketing is anything but consumer-generated, and a forum of active XM vendors and brains is hardly the same thing as an invite to non-professionals to send their best ideas of what XM should be.

I'm not a member of the EMF, but what's the difference between an XM forum of XM practicioners and AdRants, a forum for advertising folks?

And what's with all the hate? Your posts seem to be digging on folks more than anything as of late.

Posted by: Kevin Glennon on February 27, 2007 4:08 PM