Sony Slaughters Goat for Gods of War II


Even though this happened last month, it seems to have slipped undetected under our radar though we're not sure how given our unique propensity for all things wacky and wierd. Sony, in a not so twisted effort to illustrate the gruesome nature of its just launched God of War II PlayStation2 game, thought a slaughtered, beheaded and gutted previously live goat would do the trick. The goat was central to a party the gamer held in the UK which also featured an offal-eating contest, knife throwing, snake biting and topless waitresses with painted on tops.

Predictably, the International Fund for Animal Welfare was not pleased calling the stunt "outrageous. The organization's spokesman said, "We are always opposed to any senseless killing of an animal and this sounds like a gruesome death. We condemn Sony's actions. It is stupid and completely unjustified."

Rather than invite members of the International Fund for Animal Welfare to the party, Sony has acquiesced to the outcry and has ordered a recall of the magazine's 80,000 print run. Since we know this recall will never work, can someone send us a copy of the issue so we can proudly display it in the lobby of our posh corporate headquarters? After all, it would be deliciously supportive of our brand promise; the sensationalistic butchering of the salaciousness-sells ad industry.

by Steve Hall    Apr-29-07   Click to Comment   
Topic: Events, Promotions, Racy, Strange   

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