Equinox Activates, Eggs Hatch, Brand Love is Stupid, Primetime Past Prime


- Copyranter puts the overly wordy, overly aspirational Equinox gym in its place telling them their "Life=Activating Destiny" headline is a load of crap.

- Shawn has no idea what this "babes and boys in eggs" ad is all about. Neither do we.

- Cynopsis reports: "News Corp.'s Fox Sports and MySpace announced a sponsorship deal with the NFL that will give advertisers a broad web presence during the Super Bowl, a little added value for $2.7 million they'll have to spend next year for a thirty-second spot. Advertisers will be able to offer "calls to action" after their spots run online, according to The Wall Street Journal, with coupons and links to their own sites."

- In NBC upfront news, Friday Night Lights will return for a full season, the Bionic Woman makes a return, Chuck will be about a guy with a computer for a brain, Lipstick Jungle will follow the lives of three successful New York women, Journeyman will be about time travel and Life will be about a wrongfully convicted police officer who returns to work.

- George Simpson thinks brand love is idiotic. We tend to agree.

- Prime time is past its prime but program viewership is still healthy.

- The AAAA, ANA and ARF are behind an IAB effort to get comScore and Nielsen/NetRatings to allow their ratings to be audited.

- Local search engine CitySearch has signed a deal with video company TurnHere to produce videos that highlight local merchants and businesses.

- Microsoft's The Break-Up, a mini-movie about a relationship between a consumer and an advertiser is coming soon.

by Steve Hall    May-11-07   Click to Comment   
Topic: Bad, Brands, Super Bowl 2008   

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I figure the eggs are turtle eggs.

Posted by: duncan on May 11, 2007 5:49 PM