HD Radio's 'Quality' Message Limited in Scope


Ripe Blue Tomato's Greg Gillispie was on a recent road trip and wanted to share with us his interpretation of radio's recent HD radio promotions and wrote "Today I was on the road over 200 miles. I heard a number of station promos or spots for HD radio. All the spots were about the QUALITY and none about the CONTENT. And, all the spots were buried in the middle of the stopset.

So...I'm supposed to buy this new-fangled thang because it sounds good? Gee, why do they have to tell me about this when I seem to think what I'm listening to... with this spot...sounds pretty good. Or at least the QUALITY sounds pretty good.

But if I buy this new thang, what the hell am I supposed to get? CONTENT better than what I'm currently getting? Something different, unique, beneficial, entertaining, informative, WHAT?? They didn't tell me. Oh...and if I get it, should I STOP listening to what told me to GET it?

I'm Humbly Dumbfounded...or HD for short..."

It's true the quality feature of HD broadcast radio will only appeal to some. Not everyone cares about getting CD quality sound from their car or home radio. While improved sound quality may be of importance to some, those promoting HD radio might also want to focus on the additional things HD radio can do. There are additional things it can do, right guys?

by Steve Hall    May- 3-07   Click to Comment   
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Posted by: Greg on May 11, 2007 12:45 AM