Candystand Nails Match Point Just in Time for Wimbledon


While Candystand never built the carwash game we so generously recommended, we have to say they've been on top of things since the day they decided to push brands via advergames (it's a tough commitment to make).

In time for Wimbledon they serve us up some Match Point, a tennis game that, for its simplicity, is good fun to play.

Users can choose between a male and female character. Two clicks make a serve, and the ball is automatically hustled across the net when the player hovers close to it.

Gameplay is characteristically lag-free and we're working our way up from our first embarrassing love set. Booooo.

Interestingly, we couldn't quite remember what candy Match Point was pushing afterward, so we had to go back and check. Ohhh. Orbit White. The brand with the tennis-player-looking chick.

We get it.

by Angela Natividad    Jun-29-07   Click to Comment   
Topic: Games   

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